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Jim Sciutto

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New: Four dead now in Pensacola shooting, responding officers among those wounded, shooter “neutralized” by sheriff’s deputy. Location was a “classroom building” - local law enforcement.

Breaking: “Today I am asking our chairmen to proceed with articles of impeachment” - @SpeakerPelosi 

New: House Judiciary Cmte just announced next impeachment hearing on Monday “to receive presentations from counsels to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and House Judiciary Committee.”

Could this be the Christmas present Kim was taking about?

From military installations to elementary schools, active shooter lockdowns are a fact of life in today’s America.

Nothing has changed. In 2016, the Trump campaign sought political dirt on Clinton from Russia. In 2019, Trump’s personal attorney is seeking political dirt on Biden from Ukraine. Post-Mueller probe & mid-impeachment, the standard for 2020 appears to be: foreign help is acceptable

Police confirm the four dead includes the shooter.


Remember AG Sessions, who recused himself from Russia investigation, has fired the leader of that investigation, Director Comey

The stark headline of the @NikkiHaley  story is not that she’s angling for Pence’s job or that Trump likes the book, it’s that two senior administration officials believed the president is a danger to the country.

15-year olds Bailey Holt and Preston Cope, the two teens killed in the #KentuckySchoolShooting . It was the 11th school shooting of 2018. There are 7 days left in January.

New tonight: Given NYT has now made details on Russian spy public, I can now report additional info we had withheld. Asset had direct access to Vladimir Putin, including the remarkable ability to take photos of presidential documents, and had served US for more than a decade. 1/

Police got to Dayton shooter within a minute and yet he killed 9. This is only possible with high-powered, high-capacity weapons like the one he used. And it is where the “good guy with a gun” defense fails.

I’ve lived in China & covered it for decades. It is an authoritarian country with no credible rule of law which imprisons & kills political opponents. For a US president to call on such a country to investigate an American is incredible. Will Republicans who know this object?