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Jim Cramer

I am founder of @TheStreet & I run charitable trust portfolio https://t.co/0UYF2Lp5X6. I also host @MadMoneyOnCNBC & blog daily on https://t.co/sGTJX6YxFA. Booyah!

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@stoolpresidente : Jay stays humble despite repeatedly crushing it. Penn Nat remains the only casino stock worth owning @contessabrewer  fabulous interview!

Oh, jeez now they are going after the shorts in Tanger Factory Outlet... $SKT. I get that. Tanger's not going all that badly but the shorts pressed their luck, Wrong

2021 and 2022 Look Difficult for Intel, While 2023 -- Might -- Be Better: @EricJhonsa 

The Stitch Fix operation is incredible. They won't even let the seller catch their breath..

Thank you but i cannot and will not foment a squeeze. I will say that AMC needs capital badly...

what does surprise me is the astoundingly large short positions on really good companies like Stitch Fix and big turnarounds like Bed Bath and Beyond. Neither has a good short case and i am the one who interviews them. $SFIX, $BBBY

Well done with the move up in Palantir ! a move based on????

Palantir has no sellers up here. Truly impressive...

Are some of these situations where there are stock shortages? does anyone wait for the offering side to build ?

Many new investors don't want "the best price," they just want stocks to go higher, even if they have to take them there with endless blitzes, right @damienwoody  -blind side blitzes!


It's really incredible how sad Twitter can be. A credible hospital a credible reporter and a credible former FDA Commish are hopeful about Gilead's drug but almost every armchair doctor here is negative? Goodnight...

Really furious about Chinese and how they treat us and our drug companies. The lies they tell. and they own the WHO

it is not too late for Bitcoin.. great alternative to gold... which i have always believed in

SENATORS why the hell do you even own stocks. shameless. just shameless. I will worry about your portfolio, you worry about the country...

Futures look strong.. .market likes what it sees from Trump....

How can anyone not see that China is an existential threat? These people are sleepwalking into a conflict they don't see coming and an ideological battle for hegemony that we MUST not lose as a country. They must wake up to what's really happening!

@mcuban It is very rare that i read something that i totally and unequivocally agree with. Below is one of those reads. I am so tired of the rich profiting from every cataclysm. This is the time to reset the system in favor of the working person. Right Now!

I am very impressed by this ..very.. cynics won't be. But these are totally heavyweight ceos. This is what we needed to get confidence!!

@markbspiegel  asks: Will Tesla reveal this key Model 3 data when it reports earnings? If not, why?