Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

Leader of the Labour Party.

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Proud to support a proper pay rise for NHS workers. #NHSPay15 

Nuclear weapons should be illegal. Full stop. #HiroshimaDay  #hiroshima  @CNDuk 

Solidarity 📣 Thank you for your warm welcome Liverpool. #FightForHealthJobs 

There is now a humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan. We must urgently meet our obligations to Afghan refugees, while learning the lessons of two decades of devastating war and failure.

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The crisis in social care can't be fixed by the Tories unfair proposals. We need a National Care Service for all, funded by progressive taxation, including a wealth tax.

Today I will be voting against the Tory tax hike on working people - and am supporting this amendment for a Wealth Tax on the super rich to help fund social care for all.

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Starting a new cold war will not bring peace, justice and human rights to the world. #AUKUS 

International opposition to #AUKUS  reflects a growing understanding that real security won't come from starting a new nuclear weapons race or new Cold War. Real security will come from international co-operation to tackle the global crises of our time.


There should be no return to work until it is safe to do so. If work cannot be done safely, it should not proceed. People must come before private profit.

It is shameful the UK Government won't condemn Trump. Now is the time to speak up for justice and equality. #BlackLivesMatter  #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd 

Matt Hancock should have resigned over the Serco contract, the Care Home deaths, the PPE disaster and the treatment of NHS workers and carers.

My message to Sajid Javid today : Remember you are now the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care - not the minister for selling off our NHS or gifting contracts to your mates in banking and finance.

I will strongly contest the political intervention to suspend me. I’ve made absolutely clear those who deny there has been an antisemitism problem in the Labour Party are wrong. I will continue to support a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of racism.

I will be voting against the Police Crime and Sentencing Bill in Parliament. The last thing the Police need is more powers at this time.

If there was a case of a young white boy with blonde hair, who later dabbled in class A drugs and conspired with a friend to beat up a journalist, would they deport that boy? Or is it one rule for young black boys born in the Caribbean, and another for white boys born in the US?

The government has announced a mortgage holiday for homeowners but it must suspend rents too. Millions of people rent in the UK. Suspend rents. Ban evictions. Now.

The US assassination of Qasem Soleimani is an extremely serious and dangerous escalation of conflict with global significance. The UK government should urge restraint on the part of both Iran and the US, and stand up to the belligerent actions and rhetoric coming from the US.