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Fiona Hill calls @kenvogel  a "very well known and extremely good journalist."

David Holmes says that in his foreign service career he'd never seen an ambassador make an unsecured phone call to the president of the United States in a crowded place.

On the A$AP Rocky saga: "Ambassador Sondland further told the President that Sweden 'should have released him on your word,' but that 'you can tell the Kardashians you tried.'”

Pentagon officials spent more than an hour trying to convince Trump he shouldn't intervene on behalf of military officers. Brought detailed papers showing serious misdeeds to dispel bad info they believed POTUS had. Why he intervened anyways w/:


NEW: After Trump said he wanted to go to World Series, the RNC secured luxury suite from MLB and paid $465 a ticket. Members of Congress who Trump picked were given free entry. Many questions whether they could take gift because it wasn't a fundraiser:

Loud, sustained boos for Trump at Nats Stadium when he was announced. Maybe loudest crowd cheer of the night.

Soon after being named President Trump's top cybersecurity guru, Rudy Giuliani walked into a San Francisco Apple store because he could not figure out how to unlock his phone. "He had forgotten the passcode and entered the wrong one at least 10 times."

Trump berated aides in May who pushed for better Ukraine ties. He sought to block 2017 aid, complaining of country & saying it would offend Russia. He has questioned whether it’s a real country. W/ on loathing at heart of impeachment probe:

Several officials complained to a NSC lawyer that it was inappropriate, so he hid the transcript on a special server. The people who had concerns were told to keep quiet.

NEW: RNC paid about $60,000 for the president and his entourage to attend the UFC match this weekend inside Madison Square. Still unclear how Republican lawmakers can take tickets for free without it being a fundraiser or political event:

The White House is telling aides not to testify and also dinging Democrats for not having firsthand witnesses.

Five former senior administration officials present on day one in 2017 said they do not remember witnessing or hearing about any hateful notes like the ones that Stephanie Grisham described from Obama officials. w/: