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My name is Jamelle Bouie. @nytopinion columnist, formerly of @slate and @theprospect. @CBSNews Analyst. email: jamelle DOT bouie AT nytimes DOT com

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@brianbeutler  @whstancilI  @The_Sn0w_Man  think 1) will depend entirely on the nature of the result. if it looks like he’s losing big on election night — basically an EC margin larger than the one he won by — i think we’ll be in relatively safe territory. it’s a close election where things get very dicey.

@whstancil  @prophecymousep  @The_Sn0w_Manoint  in favor of the second is that the people trying to seize power *behave as if procedure matters*. the Roberts Court can take a knife to precedent because it has the appearance of legitimacy. and to the extent that it doesn’t, it is because McConnell broke the rules!

@whstancil  @prophecymousew  @The_Sn0w_Manhich  is also a big part of my point. i think the people who insist there’s nothing we can do are indulging some fantasy of a coup, when an actual seizures are power are slow-moving and banal. but because they are slow-moving & banal, there are avenues available to stop them.

@whstancil  @prophecymouset  @The_Sn0w_Manhe  key insight in “the constitution is just a piece of paper” is that the rules don’t matter unless we make them matter. we can still make them matter! and “lmao trump can do whatever he wants” misses that critical fact.

The reason a single death at the hands of police can produce mass protests is because that death is set against a backdrop of thousands of abusive, oppressive interactions that fall short of lethal violence but nonetheless show the same disrespect for life & liberty.

And I should say that none of this is for *safety*. The neighborhoods where police act as an occupying army are the same neighborhoods where clearance rates for homicide and other violent crime are incredibly low.

The state harasses and abuses you, doesn’t bother to protect you, and oh segregates you away from jobs and opportunity. Hmm I wonder why people get angry.

@jtlevy  ah, but you see, it is not a violation of the First Amendment to restrict the speech of Trump’s critics, who are illegitimate and do not deserve its protections.

@GeeDee215  at this point i don’t understand what people who sincerely bring up “black on black crime” are trying to accomplish. is it trying to end intra-community gun violence? well that has been a black political priority for longer than i’ve been alive.


rand paul using the senate gym and pool despite knowing he might have coronavirus is a clue in the mystery of why his neighbor whipped his ass.

a faction of american elites are openly arguing that we should sacrifice at least a million of our citizens to keep the “economy” going, by which they mean the stock market. blood for shareholder value.

appears that if you’re protesting “tyranny” — a state order to close schools and certain businesses in the midst of a pandemic — the police will keep cool, but if you protest actual tyranny — an agent of the state murdering someone in the street — then here comes the tear gas.

amazing to me that we had a week long controversy over a congresswoman saying “motherf***er” when steve king is just hanging out in congress as an open white supremacist

i hope the next black teen arrested for looking at a cop the wrong way also gets a segment on the today show

The degree to which Sean Spicer has faced no consequences is a glimpse into the post-Trump future.

it has been so long since anyone asked americans to collectively sacrifice anything that they’ve forgotten how to do it

I’ll keep saying this but “the president holding aid hostage to his venal demands” is what he was impeached for.

I lost my grandfather to Covid on Sunday. He still had so much life to live. He should still be here.

donald trump is responsible for a rapidly growing disease outbreak and consequent economic collapse and wants to distract you from it by doing a racism. that’s the tweet.