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My name is Jamelle Bouie. @nytopinion columnist. @CBSNews Analyst. Upgrade your grey matter, ‘cuz one day it may matter.

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i have always approached this question from the perspective of history — racial segmentation for the sake of labor control is a major part of the american story — but it is useful to see philosophers approach the question using their toolset.

growth and dynamism can unleash forces that are difficult for reactionaries to suppress and control

@pareene  @ryanlcooperno  accident that the most reactionary and “traditionalist” region of the united states was also the most stagnant and economically backwards

very good @JerusalemDemsas  on the reactionary pastoralism that still shapes housing discourse (and policy)

oh wow looks like we’ve just engineered a situation where republican legislators can keep themselves in power in perpetuity with little recourse for the opposition

if this is a pervasive problem it should be pretty easy to identify some prominent examples. and then we can discuss whether they are preoccupied with language.

“you don’t have to substantiate your claim if you can find random people who do the thing you don’t like”

do you think that this precise moment is the right time to make this point?


rand paul using the senate gym and pool despite knowing he might have coronavirus is a clue in the mystery of why his neighbor whipped his ass.

if you drink a milkshake and have a stomach ache, your first thought shouldn't be "was i poisoned?" it should be "well this is what i get for drinking 12 to 16 ounces of milk, cream and sugar as a grown-ass person"

a faction of american elites are openly arguing that we should sacrifice at least a million of our citizens to keep the “economy” going, by which they mean the stock market. blood for shareholder value.

regular reminder that the idea of “black on black crime” as a unique form of violence is an attempt to pathologize the general fact that violent crime happens between people in close proximity to each other, which in a segregated society means most violent crime is intra-racial.

not sure anything has quite gotten to me the way the drive to make rittenhouse a right-wing hero of self-defense has. it is, to me, the single most ominous development of the year.

deputizing citizens to suppress the rights of other citizens while courts say “our hands are tied if private citizens are suppressing rights” is some real 1876 shit

more people should know that in 1970 Congress came within a few votes of amending the Constitution to abolish the Electoral College

The degree to which Sean Spicer has faced no consequences is a glimpse into the post-Trump future.

rich retirees cruising in golf carts yelling “white power” is the essence of trumpism