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My name is Jamelle Bouie. @nytopinion columnist, formerly of @slate and @theprospect. @CBSNews Analyst. email: jamelle DOT bouie AT nytimes DOT com

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@JeffreyASachs  and that 40 year period included five Republican presidencies totaling 26 years of executive branch control! the idea that Gingrich was leading a GOP coalition that had been shut out from power is risible!

@eveewing  yes! i watched a lot of shows — M.A.S.H, Sanford and Son, In the Heat of the Night, Designing Women — just because they happened to be on around the times I was allowed to watch TV.

our city council is extremely conscious of neighborhood character except when it comes to our downtown, where it's primed to bulldoze two long-standing businesses to erect a massive parking lot for people who don't live here.

the two existing parking lots are never full, and agreement for this new one — a bid to keep the county courthouse in the city —requires just 90 new spaces. but the city has decided that it needs to maximize parking opportunities in its most walkable, pedestrian-friendly area.

oh, and to pay for this lot, the city has reduced funding for sidewalks and bike lanes and other non-car transit options. incidentally, the city has adopted new ambitious climate goals and promised to reduce emissions. i wonder how that will work out.

it takes almost herculean effort to build housing for people in this city, but housing for cars is no problem at all.

if you can't tell i am very mad about this

the new parking garage isn't a done deal, but the city does seem primed to spend a lot of money to build something that will fundamentally alter the physical landscape for the worse, for no reason other than they can't imagine anything differently.

getting a real artur davis vibe from buttigieg


amazing to me that we had a week long controversy over a congresswoman saying “motherf***er” when steve king is just hanging out in congress as an open white supremacist

i hope the next black teen arrested for looking at a cop the wrong way also gets a segment on the today show

if i were a liberal billionaire with a $100 millions to burn i'd spend it on a nationwide voter registration drive instead of a vanity presidential campaign

The degree to which Sean Spicer has faced no consequences is a glimpse into the post-Trump future.

It’s very cool that the position of New York City cops is that if they can’t summarily execute someone on the street then the job isn’t worth doing.

if elizabeth warren is president in 2021 i hope she brings her dog to all high level meetings with foreign heads of state because he is about as qualified to be there as jared and ivanka

advocating impeachment with salty language is actually a fairly tame response to a president who put children in internment camps

the fact that many americans think of plantation as vacation destinations to be enjoyed like disney world is sort of all you need to know to understand how we got to this place in our politics

america’s billionaires are basically saying they want veto power over the republic and that is case enough for expropriating their wealth

It is so strange to me that much of the press is framing the shutdown as a stand off between two sides who need to compromise when only one of those sides is actually demanding anything and the other has already voted to reopen the government with no strings attached.