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The week in Tory MPs so far: one convicted of molesting a minor, another having to apologise for defending said paedophile, PM and chancellor convicted of breaking the COVID laws they wrote. And it’s only Fucking Tuesday.

If you really wanted to make a linkage between Brexit and the horrendous invasion of Ukraine, it’s that the notion of a fragmented EU suited Russian ambitions, which is why so much Russian influence (and filthy money) was invested in both the Brexit campaign and the Tory party.

I think a lot of places will be dealing with the new law requiring calorie counts on menus as @theivycafe  group are doing: keep the existing menu and offer an ignorable bar code for calories. Anybody fancy a 1462 calorie burger?

Don't know why but today I found myself thinking of Nazi Germany's plan to resettle the Jews of Europe to Madagascar.

Is this still all you have @GordonRamsay  ? Shouting at people? Swearing at people? Humiliating people? Making people cry? Then punching the air when the cameras turns off?

It’s a great day for inadequate, seething men with the surname 659878813.

Huge congratulations to @Freedland  on publication of The Escape Artist, an astonishing account of one man’s role in shining light on the one of the worlds darkest episodes. Both brilliant writing and an important work of historical document.

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As I write in todays @ObsFood  (posted online a few days ago) a certain virus took me out. So the fabulous @RevRichardColes  picked up the reviewers knife and fork to write this beautiful piece about the Skipness Seafood Cabin, Argyll.

This week’s review: Sargasso, Margate, where anchovies, crab and clams are shown a very good time. An expression of exquisite good taste by the sea.


For decades I have, as a Jew, wondered how totalitarian, bigoted regimes rise to power. How does a population of ordinary, decent people allow it? Then I watch someone like once a great liberal campaigning journalist, suck up to Trump and I think ‘oh. That’s how.’

So previously said he couldn’t comment on the illegality at Vote Leave while the appeal was ongoing. He must be relieved the appeal is over so he can now explain. I’m sure we’ll hear from shortly.

There’s a compelling suggestion tonight that Johnson’s bus story was a) designed to stop us thinking about the £350 million bus lie and b) game the google algorithm. If you now search Boris and bus you get bloody cardboard. SO pls RT this link A LOT...

Many tweets today re Raab claiming he discussed no deal during the referendum when he didn’t. The awful thing is it doesn’t matter. Shame has died. There are no standards anymore.Patel and Williamson were sacked. Cummings was held in contempt. Johnson’s a liar. None of them care.

The two of you have both made a terrible mistake here. You've have confused me knowing you, with holding either of you in any regard whatsoever. And Toby, if I'd done something so terrible that you coming to my aid might help, I'd deserve to be left for dead.

For those interested in the Seaborne Freight story - awarded a multi million pound contract to run no-deal Brexit-busting ferry services despite having no ships - this Facebook post by one Steve Coombes is v interesting.