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Hungary’s Viktor Orban sells himself as the protector of Christian Europe, especially against migrants. Pope Francis, the champion of migrants, is briefly stopping here in Budapest Sunday. Their meeting has already set off intrigue, drama and name calling.

Sulmona, Italy's Candy Land, is back in business as wedding receptions and confetti buffet corners are allowed again. But the Vatican's sweet tooth kept some of the town's candy makers -- who seem to despise one another -- going through the bitter season.

Yes, I gave the pope a dreidel and Hanukkah gelt today.

After noxious and chaotic back-room negotiations, Italian lawmakers said they'd re-elect Sergio Mattarella as president, a punt to avoid early elections, keep the status quo and prolong the stability under Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who wanted the job.

Introducing the remarkable Sammy Basso. His slight frame embodies a dizzying span of human experience. He is a young man who appears old, an adult sometimes patronized as a child. He is a scientist and a devout Catholic, a progeria patient and researcher.

Job: “Let’s Go Mets. Let’s Go Mets. Let’s…. Oh you gotta be kidding me!”


Extraordinary photography and voices from Bergamo, the bleak heart of Italy's coronavirus epidemic. Our look, close up, at the terrible toll of the virus, and what may await so many corners of the world.

Giuseppe Conte, potentially Italy’s next leader, wrote that he “perfected and updated his studies” at NYU, which, when asked, said “A person by this name does not show up in any of our records as either a student or faculty member.”

I asked Trump if he'd serve if elected or just drop mic. “I’ll let you know how I feel about it after it happens”

I had to cover Italy’s coronavirus outbreak. All I had was a ski mask. On my last day of quarantine I look back at what it was like to report on the front lines of Italy's epidemic and then from a bedroom with a balcony.

The new head of Italy's state TV spread the conspiracy that Hillary Clinton attended a satanic dinner, introduced Bannon to Italy's populist leader and trusts in Putin. Marcello Foa tells me it's a "paradox" that people accuse him of producing "fake news."

Rome in Ruins. My Christmas postcard (with love!) from a city in danger of becoming a dump.

In Italy, having the right antibodies to the virus in one’s blood — a potential marker of immunity — may soon determine who gets to work and who does not, who is locked down and who is free.

Italy's populist government refuses to accept a boat with 600 migrants. Spain comes to the rescue and Italy's anti-immigrant interior minister declares victory. “We scored a point in our favor, but it’s not the end of anything.” With

Sanders campaign now tells me it has raised $3 million in the 24 hours since the speech in Des Moines. 4 in 10 donors were new contributors.

The New Da Vinci Code. Italy's populists, accusing the French of trying to culturally appropriate Leonardo, say no masterpieces should be loaned to the Louvre for big 2019 exhibit. But were any going anyway?