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Ukraine's LGBTQ community has long faced discrimination, but Russia's invasion may have helped their cause.

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Tories wipeout in London as new poll shows every Conservative MP in the capital will lose their seat

The U.S. economy added 263k jobs in September and the unemployment rate fell back to 3.5 percent. Data: Full coverage:

Alan Dershowitz on the DOJ: "Unless they indict Biden Jr., they will not be credibly able to indict Trump, but if they indict Biden Jr., Garland will say look how fair we are." @AlanDersh  @greta  MORE:

"If we'd had guns I guarantee we would have killed 100 politicians. They ran off and were spirited away through their underground tunnels like the rats they were." -- Thomas Caldwell, defendant in the Oath Keeper trial, on the night of Jan. 6.

How prime UK property is being sold in the US - poundland Britain….it’s a bargain. Fill your boots

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“She was really special, brave and she wasn’t scared of anyone.” Nika Shakarami, 16, disappeared in the first few days of the government crackdown on protests in Iran and was later found in a morgue by her family. Her friend Nele tells @ewither  “she was always a fighter”.

On this day, 7th of October 1990, a wise leader left us.. Rashid bin Saeed

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Crying and clutching toys, traumatized relatives gathered at a children's daycare center in Thailand where a day earlier a former policeman had slain 34 people, most of them children, in a knife and gun rampage that horrified the nation