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Royal expert Ingrid Seward tells R4’s The World This Weekend the royal family “never have to explain why they don’t want to see someone again” - huge casting of doubt on Andrew’s 2010 NYC visit story from someone very plugged into the royal family

Rumour going round that @Number10cat  is being "retired" in the New Year is NOT true, insider says. "Not letting Larry go anywhere," says a source close to Larry.

Corbyn gets feisty as he calls Johnson's claim that there would be a 'Corbyn-Sturgeon coalition" as nonsense. Johnson seems pleased that he's riled. #ITVDebate 

Really stinging question from audience member: "At the heart of all of this is 1 very simple question: how can we trust you?" raises "appalling level of lies and childish abuse" 1/2 #ITVDebate 

Just cannot escape the fact that having @joswinson  in this #ITVDebate  would provide some contrast on Brexit and a lot more besides...

Johnson says NHS is "not up for sale in any negotiations" #ITVDebate 

On Prince Andrew, Corbyn says the monarchy "needs a bit of improvement". Johnson says it is "beyond reproach". Corbyn says victims of Epstein and others should come first, Johnson echoes this. JC says no one should be above law, while BJ says "the law must take its course"

Alright, gear change: is Gossip Girl essentially Game of Thrones on the Upper East Side?


I bet Boris Johnson is wishing he'd booked his flight to New York with Thomas Cook so he'd be stranded out there

It is a bit rich of pro-Brexit people to appeal for more moderate language from Tusk. He’s angry. A lot of us are angry. There are people who cheerled for Brexit who never had a plan, only ideology. We have a right to be angry with you.

When you don’t follow Piers Morgan but he keeps popping up into your timeline

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The Queen has just arrived at the relief centre to meet those affected so I think the "security fears" argument for May is rather redundant

December 1919: the first woman MP takes her seat in the House of Commons. December 2019: a series of women MPs step down at the election, in part because of a climate of abuse and threats against them.

"Dude, where's my £350m a week for the NHS?"

I haven't seen this many Australians crying on TV since Scott and Charlene got married