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Today’s horrific figures shows what happens with a mutation up to 70% more transmissible. On 23/12, when I asked why we weren’t going into full nationwide lockdown, Nervtag said new variant had seeded across country. We should’ve locked down when the 70% figure was known (18/12)

On Christmas Day, the official UK coronavirus death toll passed 70,000. Today, it has passed 80,000. 10,000 lives lost in just over two weeks. A truly horrifying statistic. Please take this lockdown seriously, we are all responsible for helping to bring this under control

Matt Hancock doesn’t deny talking to Tony Blair - who recently advocated a first-shot vaccine priority regime - telling Sky’s Sophy Ridge “I talk to all sorts of people”

If the message that bending/breaking the rules will lead to more people being hospitalised with Covid, or the setting up of a temporary mortuary in Surrey, aren’t enough to persuade people to stop then how about this: the more you break the rules, the longer this lockdown goes on

Did some Macbeth in home school this morning and *apparently* I over-acted the “is this a dagger I see before me” scene

Analysis by me @theipaper : how concerned should we be about the Brazilian variant?

Exclusive by me in @theipaper  tomorrow: pregnant women are over-represented in intensive care for Covid-19. While the actual numbers are still low, experts say it’s a cause for concern

Lots of horrible milestones in this pandemic but here is a positive one - more people in the UK have had at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine - 3,559,179 - than the number of people who have tested positive - 3,357,361. This race is only going in one direction


In 2014, Boris Johnson wrote he was “as blind as a bat” and needed glasses to see round the house - so why did he say tonight Covid had left him needing specs? H/t @robweaverwm 

When you don’t follow Piers Morgan but he keeps popping up into your timeline

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Solidarity with @maitlis , one of the finest journalists the BBC has

The Queen has just arrived at the relief centre to meet those affected so I think the "security fears" argument for May is rather redundant

For four years under Tony Blair's government I worked for the Daily Mail. His No10 absolutely hated us - you might say justifiably - and yet we were never banned from any briefing involving civil servants under his government, ever.

A German-speaking relative tells me that the German for panic buying is “hamsterkäufe” - as in how hamsters stuff their cheeks to store food

Something really interesting is happening in Liverpool. In the past week public health officials noticed a surge in cases in one ward - so a few dozen streets - Princes Park in Toxteth. There were 20 new cases, out of 49 across the whole of Liverpool. Not a huge quantity but