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This is especially the case given the documented cases of Twitter 2.0 changing or ignoring the rules to suit Elon or someone in the favoured circle.

"After Mr. Musk took the reins in late October, Twitter largely eliminated or lost staff experienced with the problem and failed to prevent the spread of abusive images previously identified by the authorities…"

"Twitter also stopped paying for some detection software considered key to its efforts"

Me, the newly-educated tenant: “Oh yes! Trickle-down will work this time, even though it’s never worked before! What a fool I was! Thanks, Turning Point USA!”

It does have the “set my agenda by changing some nameplates” energy doesn’t it

Less than $20 million a year – and that’s assuming no-one cancels – is a rubbish consolation prize when you’ve thrown away billions in ad revenue.

If you’re setting up an online tool to track who’s played That Wizard Game you have – however much you dislike its creator or their views – crossed the line into full Extreme Christian Right territory.

No-one can consume art derived from people you deem harmful? Consuming a product is endorsing its creator? It’s sensible to disassociate from people for what they enjoy? Congrats, you’ve reinvented religious extremism.

A last thought (for tonight) on the prospective reshuffle: it makes it look even worse if Raab is kept in post through the reshuffle only to be sacked shortly afterwards, if that happened.

Obviously the US, China (and others) frequently hack, get satellite intelligence, intercept comms, and keep spies in each other’s countries. Those are lesser violations than border incursions, but when they’re public, they always require action too.


Still amazed that Number 10 really tried to say with a straight face that it was essential for Boris Johnson to have “firsthand” experience of flying a typhoon, but not essential for him to attend COBRA meetings. Jesus wept.

Channel 4 is publicly owned, not publicly funded. It’s also banned by charter from making any of its own content – meaning any original programming it commissions comes from the private, independent, sector. Those private companies are happy with that current model.

The general pitch seems to be “This government was totally shit. I am tremendously proud of the work I did for it. Vote for me to do something totally different, but not too different.” #itvdebate 

If one in five current blue ticks paid $20 a month that would raise just under $15 million a year for Twitter…Twitter’s current revenues (mostly from ads) are $5 billion a year. Musk’s apparent plan would generate about 30 hours’ worth of annual revenue.

Coincidences happen but this is a striking one: this isn’t just an outfit worn by Emma Thompson’s populist PM. It’s the outfit she’s wearing in the scene where she introduces concentration camps to Britain. As styling goes: *yikes*.

“Some countries get 40°C all the time and are fine, why are people making such a fuss”: 1. Their homes are designed differently 2. So are their cities and towns 3. Their residents take heat seriously and plan their days around it

If I were advising Keir Starmer I’d suggest he comes out publicly and says something on the lines of: “If I’m issued with a fixed penalty notice I will, of course, resign. It would be completely wrong to appeal to lead the country having broken the law, even accidentally.”

I am more or less biblically required to stan

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"Zatko’s complaint says he believed the Indian government had forced Twitter to put one of its agents on the payroll, with access to user data at a time of intense protests in the country." Bloody *hell*.

Big thing to know/tell elderly relatives this winter: most electronics in your house are still cheap to run. Lighting is cheap (especially with modern bulbs), as are LCD televisions. Kettles and microwaves are fairly cheap, because they’re not on for long.