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From fine to flailing - rapid health declines in COVID-19 patients jar doctors, nurses #jakpost 

South Pacific cyclone and coronavirus create 'perfect storm' of worry #jakpost 

Starbucks sees 47% drop in second-quarter earnings on coronavirus hit #jakpost 

Born in Jakarta in 1975, Glenn displayed a talent for music from a young age. He won several singing competitions during his elementary school years. #jakpost 

Zoom hires ex-Facebook security chief as Google bans desktop app #jakpost 


BTS sets another record in US with ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ album #jakpost 

K-pop heavyweight @weareoneEXO  poised to release album next month #jakpost 

COVID-19: Mr. President, you need professional help #jakpost 

BTS’ J-Hope releases first mixtape ‘Hope World’

Spotify joins BTS' worldwide scavenger hunt ARMYPEDIA #jakpost 

BREAKING: Three people in Singapore latest to test positive for COVID-19 after visiting Indonesia#jakpost 

BREAKING: Jokowi announces Indonesia’s first two confirmed COVID-19 cases #jakpost 

EXO’s ‘The War’ goes platinum, and beyond