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Trump brand tarnished after bruising presidency and Capitol attack #jakpost 

Dylan, Young, Fleetwood: Music publishing sector booming with high-profile sales #jakpost 

Macron rejects petition to move Rimbaud to French Pantheon #jakpost 

USU scholar accused of ‘self-plagiarism’, forfeits appointment as rector #jakpost 

'No more delays': Activists pin hopes on passing of sexual violence bill #jakpost 

Nations failing to fund climate adaptation: UN #jakpost 

Private vaccination talks could spell bad news for those most at risk, experts warn #jakpost 


BTS sets another record in US with ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ album #jakpost 

BTS’ J-Hope releases first mixtape ‘Hope World’

K-pop heavyweight @weareoneEXO  poised to release album next month #jakpost 

With 1,752 new cases detected on Saturday, Indonesia has a total of 84,882 confirmed COVID-19 cases nationwide, surpassing mainland China with 83,545 cases. #jakpost 

Spotify joins BTS' worldwide scavenger hunt ARMYPEDIA #jakpost 

COVID-19: Mr. President, you need professional help #jakpost 

EXO’s ‘The War’ goes platinum, and beyond