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The other thing frequent travelers know is that you had to book Amtrak tickets at least 2 months in advance to get the $54 fares. The ability to change those tickets was key to being able to see loved ones in another city and not lose all your money in the process.

"I'm not sure I can endorse his singing voice." Miss Black America@RyNiani  on going to church in South Carolina with Pete Buttigieg. My story on her whirlwind 68 hours trying to get black voters to give him a chance.

Non-alarmist reminder: In 2018 when John Bolton took over the NSA he dismantled the team responsible for preparing for and responding to global health epidemics. No such team has existed since.

Again, this new policy change is on March 1. Any ticket purchased prior to March 1 is grandfathered into the old rules. But you only get ONE chance to change it or get a partial refund after March 1. I know this bc I spent half an hour on the phone customer service.

A lot of campaign reporting if you're not traveling with a campaign is showing up at an airport, going to the counter, & saying "so what are the chances of me getting on that flight that leaves in an hour?"

Two truths of campaign reporting: You brought the wrong clothes, and your chapstick is in your other coat.


“Do you want to vent or do you want advice?” Just learning now, after 40 years on earth, that this might be the most important question to ask whenever a friend or loved one is upset.

"It's inspiring to see someone have the courage to do something that seems unlikely... I'm a big fan of 'why not'... Maybe we can make something real special happen." -- asked @DaveChappelle  about @AndrewYangVFA  being 1st Asian-Am to mount a real bid for prez

One die hard Bennet fan here in Marshalltown. Jeff Harris, substitute teacher. His wife's with Klobuchar. "Only need 19 more now!" Gotta respect it.

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Sofia Coppola is 1st woman to win Best Director at #cannes  in 56 years. Jane Campion still only woman to win Palme d'Or. 70 yrs & counting

What's it like to be a 2020 campaign spouse? Answer: Weird! Spoke to Jane, Chasten, Rosario, Doug, Evelyn, Erica, John & Chirlane about the friendships, the hardships, the many fried Oreos.

I also have a friend who listens to me vent & then says, “So I have a few thoughts on this but I’m not sure if you want to hear them or if they might come off harsh...” It gives the venter a sense of control and protects her from giving unsolicited advice

The Capital Gazette, with the help of the Baltimore Sun, published a special edition about the massacre in their own newsroom yesterday. A detailed and incredibly moving article. This is journalism.

Not sure when I’ll fully digest what an incredible & incredibly hard year this was, but here are my thoughts one week from the end! ? & a giant thank you from my own 53rd place in Bangkok.

So I wanted to see Parasite in NYC this weekend and it’s all sold out! Even at 9:55am! Good for Bong, bad for me!