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"There's not a lot you can say other than thank you."

“You always think it is going to be the older people because that is what you hear. To find out it was me, at my age and stuff like that, it just brought it home really."

This is how many Covid-19 patients are now in hospital in the South West

A man has been jailed for his part in a botched attempt to steal a cash machine from village shop in Cornwall.

A group of surfers who had travelled all the way from London to North Devon were given fines and ordered to turn back by police.

Her husband felt a kick in her stomach on New Year's Day and a test said 'three weeks plus' - 10 days later, baby Julia was born

"Part of the reason we pay so much is for the experience that you get being in university halls. This year we haven't had any of that experience."

Covid restrictions meant his family was unable to visit him as he recovered in rehab for 12 weeks


Watch the moment a statue of slave trader Edward Colston is pulled down in Bristol city centre during #BLMbristol 

🗣"There are actual real people here who are opening these envelopes and this determines their future." One A-level student from Somerset has spoken to ITV News about her frustrations with this year's grading system. Read more:

Watch the moment MP Richard Graham is confronted by a Brexit protestor. The EU national is a Cotswolds constituent and came to the protests to support the Gloucester constituents.

WATCH: Just what happens when asks a fortune teller for her prediction. #GeneralElectionIt 's not great news...

Can you help trace these two people? A family has been left "devastated" after burglars broke into their late fathe…

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This footage shows the moment a black race-relations worker was tasered in #Bristol  after being mistaken for a wanted man.

Flash flooding has hit the village of #Coverack  #Cornwall . Reports of homes flooded and stalls swept away. Updates: