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Roger Ehrenberg

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Scaling In Lower Cost Locations. 💯 spot on. Managing multi-location growth well, whether it’s in engineering, sales or customer support, is a super power #scaling 

Quite possibly the funniest @matt_levine  paragraph ever - and the bar is very, very high (no pun intended) #hedgefundlife  #BurningMan 

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Interested to see if the day will come when being seeded by @iaventures  rates as highly as firms having participated in the Series C, D or E by the press. 🧐

That’s 💯 true. And being early and maximizing ownership matters as well.

Are football players just too big, strong and fast given the dimensions of the field at this point? Two men down taken off on stretchers in one game? Rules have been dramatically changed to soften the game, but physics is physics. 🧐🏉

@semil  And this can be used for either raising some amount of primary capital before public listing or a private secondary to establish a rough benchmark price for where the direct listing might begin trading once the shares are listed. Bifurcating capital raising from price discovery.

@semil  But again, there is no reason to bundle capital raising with facilitating a public listing. They can and should be viewed separately with the appropriate venues, methods and pools of capital accessed for each.

@impcapital  @ganeumannYou  are 💯 correct Sarah. LPs are the enablers - good and bad. The fact is that many aren’t good, overestimate their skill or sub out their “asset class” allocation to closet VC industry return indexers - for a fee. Too much capital, poor manager selection, misaligned incentives.

Assertion: Nirvana’s Nevermind is the best constructed and produced album of all time. Close #2 : Led Zeppelin II. The songs. Their arrangement. The connections between adjacent songs. Happy ears ftw

I noticed that our friends at @fcollective  @K9Ventures  just celebrated their 10 year anniversaries. In December it will be @iaventures  turn to mark the decade since our birth. From post-financial crisis to today one thing is for sure: blocking out noise is essential for survival.


Capital can be a powerful moat in capital-intensive businesses where unit economics are attractive and well-established. Capital can be fuel for destruction in capital-light businesses when excess dollars go to marketing and illusory “growth” with poor payback periods.

I just published Building a seed stage venture firm Inspired by and . Thanks for the impetus! #vc  #firmbuilding 

Estonia is running its country like a tech company I <3 Estonia. What a terrific place to do business - and to hang with awesome, outdoorsy, fun, tech-savvy locals (most of whom tower over me for some reason) #estonia  #entrepreneurship 

Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO Boy is this a good read chock full of important insights @bhorowitz  #management 

Investors and entrepreneurs need to address the mental health crisis in startups. An important reminder: founders are humans operating under extreme stress with high expectations. Taking care of founders’ mental and physical health is critical.

The Empty Promise of Data Moats As someone who has spent lots of time in and around this area, this is a powerful framework for thinking about the impact and importance of data on your business @martin_casado  @a16z  #data 

Ways to think about the future of cars. Insanely insightful and mind-expanding from @BenedictEvans  / ht @pmarca 

One Mistake Led This Entrepreneur To Build A $3.5 Billion Business A fair telling of the journey @TransferWise  @Forbes  @iaventures  #moneywithoutborders 

No truer words said ⁦⁩. You’ve perfectly captured the essence of the concentrated, early stage investor #vc 

Le Cinq, Paris: restaurant review Scathing. Irreverent. Chock full of masterful metaphors. A must-read for giggles.