After tonight, Republicans will have nominated 15 of the last 19 justices, despite having lost the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections. #MinorityRule 

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@realDonaldTrump ’s pardon for @GenFlynn  was the right thing to do. The Obama-Biden administration weaponized the @TheJusticeDept , FBI, & intel community to destroy their political opponents. It was abusive, it was lawless, and it was political persecution.

A lawless president pardons lawless pals. Republican leaders stand mute. Thanksgiving blessing? All this will end in 56 days.

Millions of responsible gun owners gave their hard earned money to the NRA, an organization that ended up just being a get rich quick scheme for its executives. Private jets, lavish meals, and pocketed cash.

Venezuela is in the midst of a democratic and humanitarian crisis. The United States supports the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people. This is U.S. policy on Venezuela explained.

Small businesses have a big impact on our economy & they need our help. While many folks plan to #ShopLocal  for #SmallBusinessSaturday , Congress must to do its part to provide #smallbiz  relief. I cosponsored the HEROES Small Business Lifeline Act to do just that.

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Brian Deese and Roger Ferguson are in the mix to be Biden’s National Economic Council director, kicking up opposition from progressives who don’t like either candidate. Story with @SalehaMohsin , @antoniabmassa  and @maxabelson .

General Flynn does not deserve a pardon. He committed crimes against this country that are unacceptable.   This is yet another example of the fact that President Trump doesn’t care about the rule of law or even right or wrong - he only cares about himself.

There’s a huge discourse built around the idea that there’s an obvious, technically feasible & politically viable solution to the global climate problem that could be accessed if only a sufficiently “ambitious” Democrat sat in the Oval Office and it just isn’t true.

If it was true in February, it’s even more true now in the last weeks of a lame duck Presidency. The last thing we need is another war in the Middle East.

Canberra tweeps. This is Ezra. His family is very concerned for his welfare. Can you please keep a caring lookout for him as he is believe to be in the national capital, possibly around Manuka or Kingston