Jan / Oath Keepers

"What you saw on Jan. 6 was the command cell of the Oath Keepers... It's quite possible that these people may have had capture and kill teams... murder cells... and that they would be very well organized," @MalcolmNance  says. #TheReidOut  #reiders 

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Jan / Oath Keepers

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A 100-yr-old tree was being cut in Vile Parle area today. I asked BMC officers for permission under which it was being done. I was later forcefully put in police van (in pic 2-screengrab from viral video) & was threatened with an FIR against me: Abhay Azad, Environmental activist

ICYMI: There was a lot to unpack from the presidential candidates who participated in the Jessica Soho Presidential Interviews. Here are some of their stances on contentious issues from divorce, same-sex marriage, to peace talks with communists. #PHVote  #WeDecide 

When a professor asked Wharton students what they thought the average American earns, 25% said over six figures. “Nearly everyone we surveyed all over the world just doesn't know the current distribution of these things,” Harvard's Michael Norton tells @smerconish .

#Delhi reports 45 new Covid deaths - highest in third wave; daily cases up 7%

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Donny on Belle: ‘We are in a happy place right now’

Happy Two Year Anniversary to this moment when former president Trump after learning the US had its first COVID case, told the world he’s “not worried” about a pandemic and that “we have it totally under control” while saying he believed China was being transparent about COVID

Omicron now accounts for more than 99.5 percent of new infections in the United States, according to estimates from the CDC. Scientists have been working overtime to study this variant. Here's what they've learned so far.

Bongbong Marcos was not able to give his stance during the interviews, saying that Soho was supposedly biased against the Marcoses. GMA News refuted the statement, adding that the questions in the interview are tough as the presidency is tough.