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Latest Scoops

Nick Cave: BDS is the reason for my trip to Israel https://t.co/7imcISl5O2
Syrian ally Russia has cast 11 vetoes on possible Security Council action on Syria since the country's civil war began in 2011
SNL hits former cast member Al Franken hard over sexual assault allegations https://t.co/UD8kzblyM4
#Turkey Bans All LGBT Events in the Country's Capital
Newly revealed secret list appears to show targeting priorities for hired consultants, like Israel's Black Cube
WATCH: SNL Hits Former Cast Member Al Franken Hard Over Sexual Assault Allegations
The Israeli army is losing too many talented, experienced senior officers https://t.co/9TgXvGv1re
Russia again blocks UN inquiry into Syria chemical attacks https://t.co/XUMWdYMl0o
Harvey Weinstein made list of 91 people to target in bid to suppress harassment allegations https://t.co/MIn3fN51Xz
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