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Palestinian-American sentenced to life for selling land to Jews released https://t.co/cuUVfucf4D
Israel's justice minister knowingly allied herself with evil https://t.co/40I1YnSKhj
Ilhan Omar, who said Israel 'hypnotized' the world, appointed to House Foreign Affairs Committee https://t.co/M7cLkqJRWp
Palestinian is shot in the head by Israeli police on his way to school, and lives to tell the tale https://t.co/ka3p9Qtz19
Jews must 'work through' overt anti-Semitism, but take an outsized responsibility for white privilege: Opinion @SaraHirschhorn1
Turned off by Netanyahu's corruption, racist nationalists and the 'radical' left, Israelis converge on the center: Opinion @AnshelPfeffer https://t.co/q4D2IMAhKr
Citing racism, Israeli court acquits Eritrean asylum seeker of assault https://t.co/7QwqOTDmfm
Hand-in-hand with hyping Jewish power comes downgrading the history of Jewish powerlessness: Opinion @SaraHirschhorn1
Farrakhan's anti-Semitism and 'othering' can't be justified for the sake of 'community building': Opinion @SaraHirschhorn1
Israeli officials discount U.S. concerns over China: 'The security warnings are a joke' https://t.co/SLSrxgkgpg
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