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Latest Scoops

Shin Bet arrests two Palestinians amid threats after Old City house sold to Jewish settlers https://t.co/O9DWwfgfTw
A new bill proposed by Israel's cultural minister brings the country closer to a situation in which only works glorifying the government and its policies receive funding | Editorial https://t.co/jLnTIXb5vk
The government is moving forward with its brutish attempt to gag artists and cultural institutions that provide vital criticism | Editorial https://t.co/jLnTIXb5vk
As the Middle East becomes a rising tourist destination, Bloomberg Magazine ranked Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the top ten

In a new exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the hand of the creator Arieh Sharon plays the leading role

NY Times report: Saudi Arabia deployed online army to harass dissident journalist Khashoggi https://t.co/XVT2oiqDUz
The most serious threat to the Saudi version is in the hands of Turkish intelligence. Ankara might determine the nature of relations between Riyadh and Washington, and the question is – what will it want to make of the scandal? | Analysis https://t.co/Kt1JDDpmjE
The aim of preventing the entry of key boycott activists against Israel is preventative, not punitive. The government fears that those who come to Israel will visit the occupied territories | Analysis https://t.co/cq4PZmi8sR
As Khashoggi crisis grows, Saudi king takes back authority https://t.co/M6ffIdamex
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