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The GOP has a Nazi problem – and it just got a whole lot worse | Analysis https://t.co/cTnneHgR3p
Archaeologists find 4,000-year-old Sumerian port https://t.co/sIF2YpQlnw
The Rothschilds and the weather: The anti-Semitic conspiracy theory explained https://t.co/AEKZ9M4Sab
This Israeli minister developed deeper diplomatic ties to Ramallah than he cares to admit https://t.co/ZWEr7cMCty
They like him, they really, really like him https://t.co/xbnIDNfUvF
John Bolton, @realDonaldTrump new national security adviser, said the Palestinians 'don't deserve a state' - but the White House says Mideast peace plan is still on https://t.co/ZYzuc6fkUc
At Tel Aviv rally, Parkland survivors remember the pain and call for gun control https://t.co/VCLk99rigf
Israel's Finance Minister, is a right winger who used to be in Netanyahu's Likud. How did he become so close with the Palestinian Authority?
Haaretz correspondent speaks to the White House after the appointment of mideast peace skeptic John Bolton
Despite hawkish Bolton, White House tells Haaretz Trump’s peace plan still on https://t.co/ZYzuc6fkUc
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