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A disagreement over the appointment of judges left talks stranded in a standstill

When the microbes settle, following the global crisis, Sweden may be able to constitute a kind of control group. Did other countries go too far?

How did the lost Peruvian trickster early monkey travel across the paleo-Atlantic?

The pandemic, so it seems, is an excellent political opportunity for Erdogan to make it clear to the public that he is only one who can rescue them | Analysis

We have never experienced a threat of this kind to the social fabric and to patterns of social behavior

Ornate eggshells from the Middle East were prized by elites across the Mediterranean thousands of years before Easter was a thing

Emergency coronavirus rules allow immediate unpaid leave for pregnant women in Israel

Three-ply cord fragment found in the Abri du Maras cave is 41,000 to 52,000 years old and indicates complexity in thinking and manufacture

Israel’s budding entrepreneurs hit a coronavirus wall

Alcohol is a a crucial source of tax and general revenue for this Islamic city-state, which has a vast population of foreign workers


Bombshell: Israel Police confirm Benjamin Netanyahu suspected of bribery, fraud, breach of trust in 2 separate cases

In last monologue, Israeli comedy show host implores Israelis to wake up and smell the "apartheid"

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Israel's refusal to test its Arab population for COVID-19 is a ticking time-bomb | Opinion

“The effort to criminalize immigrants and asylum seekers is all part of a much bigger political ideology that is grounded in white nationalism”