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Israel completes vast, billion-dollar Gaza barrier

Iraq displays ancient looted artifacts returned by the U.S.

Israeli governments are in love with military lingo. Every pandemic has to be “defeated,” and every social problem is a “war.” Meanwhile the actual people suffering are neglected @noa_landau  @Nadin_ab  | Opinion

Trump worked on Abraham Accords in hospital with COVID, new book claims

Israel exports arms endangering human rights because it serves our interests, top defense official admits

Inside the Ultra-Orthodox parties' war on the government's religious reforms

Court extends detention for Jerusalem soccer club owner accused of sex crimes & fraud


Israeli soldiers pulled Palestinian children out of their beds in the middle of the night and photographed them illegally in the West Bank city of Hebron, a B'Tselem video shows

Israel's refusal to test its Arab population for COVID-19 is a ticking time-bomb | Opinion

Unit 81 is one of Israel's top secret. Tal Dilian was its commander. A bizzare interview he gave to Forbes stunned the intelligence world. Then things took a turn for the worse...

A leak of more than 50,000 records of phone numbers reveal for the first time, the staggering scale of surveillance of journalists and human rights defenders oppressive regimes have engaged in using Israeli cybersurveillance

Israel claimed its 1967 land conquests weren't planned. Declassified documents reveal otherwise

Russian information warfare ops have had one goal ever since the Cold War began: to sow chaos and undermine Americans’ sense of a shared reality. Trump was just a means to that end @omerbenj