in that hearing you witnessed people whose salaries you pay, accuse a man of murder and treason - then refuse to let him speak or defend himself. you think the unbending mob on the street is worse? no, this is. and it's coming for you.

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New: US Capitol Police arrested a Virginia man as he attempted to pass through a police checkpoint in downtown Washington Friday with fake inaugural credentials, a loaded handgun & over 500 rounds of ammunition, CNN reporting.

Off-duty police were part of the Capitol mob. Now police are turning in their own.

Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump

Hey guys please retweet this if you’d like to see me & @tomSegura  have a one armed/one legged boxing match!!!

FLASHBACK: Pelosi told police to stand down when an angry mob stormed the U.S. Capitol and occupied her office. The mob was led by @Ocasio2018  in 2018.

Mike Pompeo reveals intel that may link China lab to COVID-19 outbreak

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Shutting down DC & installing 20k Natl Guard troops is the epitome of #fearporn . You will see a parallel track of pushing virus fear w “domestic terrorism” fear, indoctrinating you into looking at ur neighbor w suspicion & hatred, handing govt more control. Don’t let them succeed

John Sullivan released conditionally without bail by Utah federal judge

Delhi | An AIIMS security guard has developed an allergic reaction after receiving COVID19 vaccination here today. He is kept under observation of doctors at the hospital: AIIMS official