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at la guardia heading to Birmingham for my live show and decided to have normal coffee (starbucks) at airport; a mistake. Low acid coffee has literally saved my daily life from misery. and u dont realize it until you go back to normal coffee. low acid coffee is a godsend.

i just crossed state lines. i might do it again today.

Doing Instagram live with @DanaPerino  in a mere second or too

You caused me to miss my ride jerk face

@brianklaas  Brian, you really should get out more; then you would know it was parody. but in the meantime, here's a parting thought: HAHAHAHAHAHA.

his only job is to watch the five and grab clips, and he cant even do that. its priceless how stupid these people are.

time to turn the media into your own playground for performance art.


as protesters march on Trump Tower in Chicago & the White House, a frank media might point out the death of Mr.Floyd happened under a democrat mayor, democrat senator, democrat governor, with a democrat county prosecutor. the only person who did shit was a republican. Trump.

Any one who says pence didn’t win is lying

Ann Dorn told the story the media chose to ignore because it wasn't politically beneficial to them.

When this is over, how will we deal with anchors who incite a race war? Those who ignore the available stats that counter their narrative? we all agree what's bad is bad; but to drive destruction and death thru extrapolation ends civilization. Asking for @CNN 

leftist anti-speech wont stop with tucker. this is about intolerance of competing ideas. and silencing them via career assassination. until we all share the risk, it will swallow everyone.

okay, this IS my last tweet: CNN tries to get FNC banned. Apple targets Parler. Publishers dump writers. music labels drop artists. twitter bans/removes thousands. tech companies join hands. this redefines who the true rebels are. if you like the purge, you're the servant.

what a joke. So - who was in charge when this man was murdered? a democratic mayor. a democratic prosecutor. a democratic attorney general. a democratic union. a democratic governor. the only person who acted quickly to bring justice was a republican president.

seeing the unstable, flabby few threatening violence if the WH fills a vacancy says to me, that it's time to call them on it. I'm honestly tired of being extorted by douchebags who couldn't punch their way out of saran wrap.

this is a townhall? where is the town? its just Savannah badgering. what a joke.

watching democrats call upset republicans "sore losers" might be the greatest example of historical blindness you will ever find.