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When you start producing 50 thousand masks a day you can go up to the podium too In the meantime sit on your fence and keep your thumb up your ass.

you get to have opinion when u aren't a waste of space. (good luck with that)

when people do great things to help others, the media mocks their religion. imagine, if it were the reverse: someone did EVIL things, and then you mentioned their religious extremism. the media would be calling you a bigot. screw these hypocritical assholes.

for now: avoid all negative people. optimism plus action will pull us thru. im lucky to be alive right now to do what i can to help. and i'm a cynical asshole.

Look at my pinned tweet and retract.

@ndrew_lawrence  You called me a liar when there is footage of me showing the importance it was taken. You are a lying scum bag for knowing that fact and denying it. You know you lied. Now be a man and admit it.

Gutfeld on America's unity in the face of a pandemic | Fox News Video

last note @GoAngelo  i'm not trying to get U fired or ruin U. MMFA's goal has always been that for me. but i wont do that to U. I think youre wrong. U think i'm evil. U can change that. here & now. All i ask is U do the human thing: admit a wrong. U will feel better for it.

if you aren't catching @BretWeinstein  and his wife Heather Heyer's podcast....its amazing. Imagine the NPR voice to the tenth power, talking about stuff that makes you feel smarter than you really are.


Trumps about to execute a white supremacist, while trying to free a black rapper from jail, as he pushes prison reform that directly benefits families of black men, while calling out a city where minorities are victims of crime & blight. if Trumps a racist, he sucks at it.

i didn't realize how fucking great that speech was until Pelosi ripped it up.

a message to the grim creeps celebrating a rise in corona cases in America:We are actually turning a corner, and we will emerge better and stronger. You cretins who chuckle to themselves over scoring some ghoulish political point will not be forgotten.

i don't care what sentence Avenatti gets. he's not the problem. it's the drooling media who enabled this grifter. Think about it: the people who mock you for your so-called ignorance fell for this charlatan. These are people who laugh at you. You must now laugh at them.

So, the Steele dossier was fake, the FISA system was abused, fake leaks came from high ranking officials, and the media dragged our country thru this bullshit. its not Trump that Putin snagged; its the media, a bunch of useful idiots.

my point: if a gym or any business that operates on membership lays off people, while taking your monthly fee - that aint right. i'm happy to pay the fee -- but then they can't lay off anyone. does that make sense?

so @billmaher  said he's glad david koch died, and his audience applauded. evidence of a needy phony and a gleeful mob uniting. Koch was a generous libertarian, whose millions went to fight disease. he did more for the world in a day, than Maher will do in his lifetime