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Gautham Nagesh

Gautham Nagesh

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Floyd Mayweather is 20 years old and 40 lbs lighter but he would still tear Jake Paul apart in the ring

Happy 90th Birthday to NYT legend and @NABJ  founder Paul Delaney, who I was lucky enough to get to know back in DC

This story from @taniaganguli  about the impact of Mikal Bridges’ trade on his dog Sonny is the kind of content we need.

Key aspect of the Y2K fashion revival that’s been missing: the sense of shame we all felt when looking back at our terrible TRL-era outfits. And that was before Instagram

Great piece about some very brave journalists in the motherland. Inspiring article by @Karan_Singhs 

New #AmericanAuto  tonight at 8:30pm on @nbc . Tonight's episode by @JeffMightBWrong  has everything: cute kids, geopolitics, high-flying stunts, and plenty of heated negotiations. Tune in.

I’m at the sports book at the @AriaLV  and they aren’t showing or offering bets on #TszyuHarrison 

It's Oscar weekend and I live in Hollywood, which is why I'm in Las Vegas.


Killian Hayes is like a shortstop who fields well but hits .198

So American Auto Season 2 debuts 1/24, which means my time as Writer's Assistant is coming to an end. If you’re looking for someone with great stories, I write comedy, (30-minute, sketch & late night) and am available for staffing. Samples/references available on request.

Apparently a lot has changed in DC journalism since I left in 2015, but by any of the objective standards we used to use, the Biden presidency has been a success

Oh snap, @Moodymann313  is playing @MovementDetroit  for the first time in a decade. Looks like we're spending my birthday in the D

These are not businessmen in the traditional sense. These are would-be Kings and oligarchs. They do not believe in accountability, or democracy, and think that they deserve to control the masses just because they happened to enter the tech industry at its most lucrative period.

Had the pleasure of sitting down with @GuptaR_lab  recently to discuss how he went from curing HIV to fighting Covid-19 for @NYTScience 

Officially a video game writer *with credits* 🙌🏾💪🏾🏀 #NBA2K22 

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Facebook, Amazon, Google etc can just buy up or squash their competitors - unless the FTC or DOJ stop them. They can use their platforms to suppress anything that goes against their propaganda - unless the media tells the public the truth. Absent those safeguards, SV wins.

This year in pics: Got my ass beat on Jeopardy Joined the NBA2K writing team Went to a *lot* of @deadandcompany  shows New puppy!