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question with boldness - to find the truth - not to prove your point. reconciliation, humility, curiosity, courage, integrity, forgiveness b4 AGI eats us all.

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THIS is how we save America: Fellow BlazeTV host @conservmillen  argues we must "refuse to live by lies in our own're NOT a radical" for believing in the truth.

Violent anti-Biden riots broke out on Inauguration Day in Portland and Seattle, including at the Democrat HQ and a federal building — but this was Antifa, not the right. The MSM's silent, but @MrAndyNgo  tells me just how bad it's gotten.

Who's really in control of the Biden White House? @oreillyfactor  gives his take — and tells why he believes this may BACKFIRE for the far left.

@rufodox  is taking Marxist critical race theory to the courts, and tells me how YOU can help defend America’s values in your local governments, workplaces, and schools.

How did sports go from patriotic to pro-leftist? Sports journalist @WhitlockJason  ties it back to Obama & ESPN and Nike & China.

The Biden Administration lists systemic racism as one of America's "converging crises". But @WhitlockJason  refuses to act as if "imprecise words and hurt feelings are the same as what previous generations experienced".

So Amazon wants warehouse workers to hold their unionizing vote IN PERSON — not by mail — because it helps ensure "a valid, fair, and successful election". You don't say...

Big Tech platforms seem to change their rules on the fly. Former FCC Chairman@AjitPaiFCC  gave me his take on why this is the real threat to a free and open internet.

Up to 7,000 National Guard members will remain in DC through mid-March...So, is the city essentially occupied now?


Who didn’t vote for @realDonaldTrump  in 2016 - but will in 2020, like me. I can’t be alone. I couldn’t vote for either last time. I just didn’t trust he would do what promised. He may be the first politician in my lifetime that DID keep his word. What was it for you?

1). I am feeling so humbled this week. I feel truly horrible for the things I said and believed in 2016 about @realDonaldTrump  . I believed the worst politically, which he proved me wrong at almost every turn. In the most dramatic cases (life/Israel/China/authoritarian) cont

We have 800 documents (not pages - DOCUMENTS) of leaked grade school curriculum being taught across the country. ALL of it is meant to feed our kids Marxist values, and NOT ONE media outlet has looked into it. Until tonight.

@SidneyPowell1  of President Trump's legal team tells me she "will start putting documents online" as early as this weekend and hopes to take the election to court "by next week".

I do not know who produced the #RNCConvention2020  but, THANK YOU. best week of political AMERICAN programming I have ever seen. Clear, unified, honest, heartfelt and real. It was uplifting, so inclusive and hopeful. It was transformative and nothing expected. #ontovictory 

Yet another very important difference between @realDonaldTrump ⁩ and #BeijingBiden . Thank you mr president for understanding the destructive power of Critical Race Theory. It is another poison ☠️ from the demonic mind of Karl Marx. Schools next?

I just don’t think I can take it. The press accuses trump of EXACTLY what we have shown through documentation and affidavits what The DNC/NGO’s and the Biden’s were doing. This has got to be exposed. There is no republic if the press is this in the bag.

Just received: I’m a democrat who will vote straight republican this November. I’m 48. First time I will ever vote in a mid term or vote republican. It’s obvious how crazy and cruel it’s getting, mostly from the left, which isn’t left anymore, it’s outer space.

(THREAD) 1/ Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, after two years of investigation and millions of dollars, wouldn’t impeach @realDonaldTrump . But a single whistleblower, based off of hearsay, was enough to change their minds? Why? Consider these facts: