Matchmove / Singapore / November / Onep

OnePay selects MatchMove to connect blockchain assets to payments: Singapore, 1 November 2016 – OneP... #fintech 

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Matchmove / Singapore / November / Onep

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Apple Watch Series 5 is somehow on Amazon right now for less than it was on Black Friday

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Bitcoin ransomware hacker must pay $356K or spend 2 more years in prison (by @yessibelloperez )

11thFrame • 2 of 3 remaining charges dropped against PBA Regional champion, actor J.T. 'Action' Jackson in Kevin Hart sex tape case, TMZ reports

This is awesome. Imagine if more companies did this instead of hoarding cash.

If you had a rack full of basketballs, some high school players to rebound and your son to hand you the rock personally, how many free throws do you think are possible in 60 minutes?​

A neural network has identified which parts of Henry VIII Shakespeare did not write—and who actually wrote them.

I had a random thought yesterday and didn't know where to put it. I wonder if Bill Gates has had a sit-down with Putin yet and tried to work out a deal personally.

You know my views: great university, bad leadership. Both have been consistent through this mess.

A little something for those who approach everything—from making coffee to telling time—with panache.