Postmedia Political Columnist / Tasha Kheiriddin / Newstalk / Host / John Moore

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Postmedia Political Columnist / Tasha Kheiriddin / Newstalk / Host / John Moore

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The President directed his supporters to march to the Capitol where his VP, Cong. leadership, nearly all Members & staff were...knowing that many of those marching were armed. He then tussled with Secret Service, grabbing for the steering wheel to be there so he could do...what?

- An enraged Trump - Pence "deserves" to be hanged - Things might get "real, real bad" These are some of the biggest moments from the sixth Jan. 6 House Committee hearing 👇

Self-indulgent tweet: Some of us spent 20 years being told to calm down about GOP radicalization, that it's not that bad, that we were being "shrill" and alarmist. Happened to me this very morning. You might think that todays' revelations would end all that. But probably not

JUST IN: An FCC commissioner has called on #Apple  and #Google  to ban TikTok from their app stores, citing it as a national security risk.

Will China and Russia remain aligned? Find out what the experts have to say:

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Very pleased to see the Biden Administration extend & expand protections for Liberians who have called the U.S. home for years. Thanks to @SenJackReed ’s leadership on this issue, a pathway to citizenship remains open to those in our community who seek it.

China cut its quarantine period in half for inbound travelers after Bejing and Shanghai saw no new Covid cases this week for the first time in months