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What’s happening elsewhere, not models, have been clearest guide as to whats likely to come, and what to try to avoid - on that basis - v worrying read about care homes in Spain/ France, which haven’t counted in official figs, but that’s changing in France

On closer inspection one main Covid announcement - that non “CE”-marked gloves, visors, masks, overalls for NHS use, can be imported as long as adheres to WHO standards - is in fact European Commission announcement from 2 weeks ago, which already applied to UK - ie its EU rules

Here is it entering EU law more than two weeks ago:

They don’t count here as well. Figures are “of those hospitalised”

@BBCBusiness  @JaneHow17483954Hi Jane, On self employment the 50% threshold applies either in the single year 18/19 - or as an average of 3 years. But if you are employed in any way, you should be eligible for furlough scheme on employment income as long as PAYE, even 0 hrs. Need to talk to your employer.

@BBCBusiness  @StreetsandLanesHi  Chris, Important question this - and the answer is no. Self-employed do NOT have to prove loss of income, indeed, you can continue to work and earn if you can. As long as eligible on your tax return, will get lump sum from HMRC for 3 months in June.

@BBCBusiness  @richped1Hi  Rich, This is a really important question. The guidance says “Fees, commissions and bonuses should not be included”... but it also has a mechanism for “employees whose pay varies”. And another bit says that people should get at least 80% of the min wage. We will check this.

@BBCBusiness  Thanks for your qs -hope helpful. Lots clearly concerned about falling thru cracks. What I’d stress is lot of people who don’t know just how much support out there, including bosses. MUCH more than you might expect & may require workers to tell bosses clearly eg on furloughing👊🏽


Full extraordinary resignation letter from Chair of UK infrastructure commission over EU Withdrawal Bill - “worst legislation of my lifetime” for a “Ukip allied Brexit ..fraught with danger” and “indefensible bailout” of East Coast Mainline:

UK medicines pricing clearly on US side of table... This video from January is US Pharma industry lobby telling US trade negotiators that US-UK trade deal is “an important opportunity” to deal with “artificially depressed prices” in UK - “dictated” via our “primary payer” system

German and Italy are ramping up production of medical ventilators to meet expected peak epidemic demand. They cost $17k each. Italy getting army involved in helping production line... As far as I’m aware UK has one small manufacturer of ventilators - that had 40% market share.

Dominic Grieve deselection campaign being led by someone who not only stood against him as Ukip candidate in GE 2017, was a UKIP local council candidate and local branch chairman of Ukip, but also stood for the UKIP National Executive Council in 2016... now a Conservative.

You can’t seriously have posted your supporters literally blocking an ambulance from Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital on an emergency run. Seriously, ? ?