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Faisal Islam

Economics Editor, BBC. Fin crisis book @theDefaultLine .. Brexitologist. Host award-winning 2016 EUref TV interviews & 2017 live GE debate. United ST.

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Joint article from some world leaders including PM, re new global health treaty - significantly, no mention of waivers on intellectual property for vaccines, as demanded by S. Africa, India & others reflecting ongoing argument at WTO with richer countries

EU chief Michel (who first floated the treaty idea) says that the treaty could help with transparency on production and supply chains of vaccines - that concern has been mainly aimed at UK in recent weeks...

Amid acclaim for vaccine rollout - this issue - crucial & vital in Covid response, and for UK health/science/ pharma for decades to come -NHS deployed as testing bed for very rapid evaluation of lifesaving treatments DexamethasoneHydroxychloriquine

Chancellor and Business Sec write to businesses at least partly to explain why the concept of “industrial strategy” has been replaced in the plan for growth...

Scratching my head at this - as noble as it sounds - never before seen an independent commission earmark a specific branded financial services company for a recommendation... could easily have made recommendation of all big UK banks, with HSBC as an example perhaps...

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As no one would have a bronze statue of themselves in their office, this must be someone else with the same haircut...

Vaccitech, owner of Oxford tech behind AZ COVID vaccine, spun out from university, files for IPO on NY’s Nasdaq stock exchange - says no guarantee of royalty share from vaccine - AZ will start charging above cost after pandemic ends, not before July:


Full extraordinary resignation letter from Chair of UK infrastructure commission over EU Withdrawal Bill - “worst legislation of my lifetime” for a “Ukip allied Brexit ..fraught with danger” and “indefensible bailout” of East Coast Mainline:

Sage epidemiologist Professor John Edmunds asked by Marr if he regrets anything in science advice... immediately replies: “yes we should have gone into lockdown earlier...it cost a lot of lives unfortunately”...

Just checking why yesterday’s slide said 38,489 cumulative deaths, and today’s says 39,045, an increase of 556... but the daily number is 111... would appear there has been some revisions...

UK medicines pricing clearly on US side of table... This video from January is US Pharma industry lobby telling US trade negotiators that US-UK trade deal is “an important opportunity” to deal with “artificially depressed prices” in UK - “dictated” via our “primary payer” system