Faisal Islam

Faisal Islam

Economics Editor, BBC. Fin crisis book @theDefaultLine .. Newsnight. Host award-winning 2016 EUref TV interviews & 2017 live GE debate. United ST.

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EU Commissioner Breton after meeting with Elon Musk: “still huge work ahead, as Twitter will have to implement transparent user policies, significantly reinforce content moderation and protect freedom of speech, tackle disinformation with resolve…” re compliance with EUs DSA

NEW CWU recommends end to BT strike action after reaching agreement on pay rise worth between 6 and 16%. Will be put to vote. £1500 consolidated pay rise for everyone under £50k

My friend has been at that amazing Japan-Spain match… after qualifying top with an incredible win… the Japanese fans are organising a litter pick and tidy up in the stands…

Thumping 5 digit Labour majority on a by-election turnout… old enough to have followed Cameron in Chester days before 2015 election defending what was then a Tory marginal, and one of the famous “40:40” strategy. 38% majority must be close to a record…

Impressive team, kept going for the full 90 minutes, even after all seemed lost… #ENGSEN 

Literally the only thing that stopped them briefly, not even half time, was a Kool & the Gang tribute act singing Celebration…

Been going to football with @mikepoyser  for three decades … pretty special moment in the stands with Masta from ASC Lebougui. Senegal… #ENGSEN 

Congratulations to John Ryley @SkyNewsHead  who has driven Sky News for 3 decades, mostly in charge now standing down. brilliant thinker, innovator, risk-taker, and campaigner too on TV debates etc. learnt immense amounts working for him, a superb boss.


Full extraordinary resignation letter from Chair of UK infrastructure commission over EU Withdrawal Bill - “worst legislation of my lifetime” for a “Ukip allied Brexit ..fraught with danger” and “indefensible bailout” of East Coast Mainline:

NEW OBR confirms on record my story from 9 days ago that it prepared a draft forecast for new Chancellor waiting for him on first day at Treasury 6th September, and that an offer for a legally compliant forecast to accompany the mini-budget was rejected.

Extraordinary scenes at some UK ports - after P&O halted ferries to fire all crew and replace with a third party contractor… images circulating of what we are told are handcuff trained security with some wearing balaclavas taking British crew off, after they were fired on zoom…

Sage epidemiologist Professor John Edmunds asked by Marr if he regrets anything in science advice... immediately replies: “yes we should have gone into lockdown earlier...it cost a lot of lives unfortunately”...

Just checking why yesterday’s slide said 38,489 cumulative deaths, and today’s says 39,045, an increase of 556... but the daily number is 111... would appear there has been some revisions...

This the IMF telling a G7 member and major shareholder to “reevaluate” their signature economic policy because it “does not recommend” such packages and will “increase inequality”… suggests profound international concern in finance ministries about a global impact of UK crisis

🚨 IMF says in statement “We are closely monitoring recent economic developments in the UK and are engaged with the authorities.” /1