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The Brewers lose in St. Louis. The Giants will be the 8 seed if they can rally to win.

Gabe Kapler's team didn't have to eliminate the Phillies. They eliminated themselves with a loss at Tampa Bay.

It'll be Crawford, Bart and Slater in the bottom of the ninth. First the bullpen has to hold it to a 5-4 deficit.

Kevin Gausman, a presumed Game 1 starter, is essentially using his throw day to hold the line in the ninth.

Here comes Trevor Rosenthal to try to close it out for the Padres/Brewers.

And that's the season. Giants lose 5-4. They finish 29-31 and miss the playoffs by the slimmest of margins. The Brewers owned the tiebreaker because they were 19-21 vs. the NL Central and the Giants were 18-22 against the NL West.

Brandon Crawford on playing for Gabe Kapler: "It was definitely different from having the same group for so many years. Different coaches, different philosophies. But I think a lot of it worked. You look at what our team did this year and nobody expected that."

In such a disorienting season, every emotion is muted. Even disappointment. The Giants could not win their 60th game to become a playoff team. But they played that game, and 59 others. That’s a victory in itself.

Final image from the ballpark this season: Ron Wotus, still in uniform minus his jersey, wandering into the field boxes and searching the cardboard faces. He saw me and waved. “I’m trying to find my niece and nephew.” (He found them.)


This is sure to inspire a ton of reaction: The Giants have informed Aubrey Huff, their top offensive player from the legendary 2010 World Series team, that he will not be invited to participate in anniversary celebrations this year. Our exclusive story:

Sean Doolittle's words resonate: “Sports are like the reward of a functioning society.”

Pablo Sandoval is taking grounders at third base. His throws appear to have good carry.

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Buster Posey and his wife are adopting identical twin girls. That is why he has missed time in camp. The twins were born prematurely and stable but will be in NICU for some time. He is opting out of the season.

Hey MLB owners, you invested in a baseball franchise and not an effing hedge fund. Start acting like you give a crap about your fans and pay the players their prorated salaries. If you make me cover a 50-game bastard season, I’m gonna blast its legitimacy every chance I get.

Peavy said Bum was calm in a crazy dugout after Gillaspie HR. Bum simply walked up and said, "Conor, I appreciate the hell out of that."

Jeff Samardzija with a spicy reply when asked about playing in fan-less ballparks: "I wouldn't put the carriage before the horse. I think we've seen from the owners they're not afraid to put anyone at risk, especially if it makes them money."

Baseball is worried about losing young fans because of pace of play? How about a third of the teams not trying to win? Ask a Pirates fan today if they're concerned about pace of play.