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INSPIRE MIDDLE EAST | This was the moment 13-year-old Tomas realized he would live, after being kidnapped and used as a human shield in Mosul, Iraq. Photographer@AfshinCh85  registered the scene in 2017. He tells us the backstory. [📝] @salimessaid 

BUSINESS PLANET | This week we have come to southern Italy to see how an EU-funded cross-border exchange programme is bringing together new and experienced entrepreneurs. Watch more: (with ) @EU_Growth 

"Go, America liar!" Enraged citizens threw rotten fruit and stones at US army vehicles as they were leaving northeastern Syria.

"The biggest betrayal in history " A US soldier remains silent as he's confronted about the departure of US forces. credit: @HesenHoseng  via Storyful

Demonstrators in Lebanon are angry. Angry at their crippling economy and perceived government corruption.

In five hours and fifteen minutes abortion and same-sex marriage will be legal in Northern Ireland!

Israel could be facing its third a year.


Do you support the independence of #Catalonia ?

Spanish king's speech on Catalonia featured painting of ancestor who imposed Spanish language -carrying a truncheon.

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Astronomers in Chile have detected the largest and densest cluster of galaxies recorded so far.

Elon Musk unveiled a new starship saying he intends to "make space travel like air Travel."

View ǀ "If Carles Puigdemont, Toni Comin and Oriol Junqueras, are barred from becoming MEPs, why shouldn’t other EU countries create national procedures that ban political dissidents from attending the European Parliament?" By @aleixsarri  Camargo

Greta Thunberg watched quietly as the U.S. President Donald Trump stole the show at the United Nations General Assembly, while the highly anticipated Climate Summit was taking place.

Puigdemont didn't push the full nuclear button but he didn't back down either. Next move Rajoy

WATCH: A century of global warming in under forty seconds.