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Anti-government protests continue in Israel decrying planned judicial reforms

Chinese balloon's downing creates spectacle over tourism hub

Bercy Paris hosts one of the most treasured stops on the World Judo tour

Leopard 2 tanks 'en-route' to Ukraine as troops prepare for suspected Moscow attacks

EU Migration: Hitting a brick wall? "The Turkish-Bulgarian border is a priority... But when Bulgaria asks for help from the EU, they will not get one single cent! This is a schizophrenic message from the EU". @jeroen_lenaers  Catch#BrusselsMyLove , all weekend on euronews. 👇

'It is torture': Protest against conditions of jailed Italian anarchist Alfredo Cospito


RUPresident Vladimir Putin has warned that if other countries interfere with Russia's attack on Ukraine, they will be met with "consequences that you have never experienced in your history".

Earlier this week, authorities in Krakow said in a Facebook post that a woman called them to report a creature sitting in the tree across from her house.

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Think #2019  was a terrible year? Here are some of the lighter moments! "Turkey's Mary Poppins"

DE Germany's former chancellor, Angela Merkel, warned in Berlin that Vladimir Putin's words should be taken seriously. She added that not dismissing words as a bluff was "proof of political intelligence."

Ukraine is one of us and we want them in EU, Ursula von der Leyen tells Euronews

Irony as Saharan dust returns radiation from French nuclear tests in the 1960s

Abuses have not stopped in Ethiopia's Tigray region, says expert