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Two years and many thousands of hours later: the final National Commission on Artificial Intelligence report is here: Please read for where we are and what we need to do. I am so proud of the team and of this work!

China is 10x ahead of us in the 5G space. We’ve ceded semiconductor leadership to East Asia. This is a national emergency. We must take action now if we want to maintain U.S. competitiveness in the future.

You can save the date or pre-order our book Henry Kissinger Dan Huttenlocher and me on the future of human society and AI - the new epic in human consciousness it brings. AI will change much more than you think it will.

The US needs to take action to preserve our AI leadership and our national security. Thank you Fareed for the show!

Enjoyed talking with #PacificCenturyPodcast  @HooverInst  about how the US government needs to work with business and universities to maintain its AI, 5G, and quantum edge

Proud of my daughter Sophie and her company and what they are trying to achieve globally:

To ensure every K-12 student has the opportunity to learn data science skills, @SchmidtFutures  is supporting @center4risc . Learn how you can get involved & make a Commitment to Action as a school, university, industry leader, or individual by May 16:

The past century has seen two major revolutions: the genomic era in biology and the machine learning age in computing. The #SchmidtCenter  will fuse these fields together to address the world's most pressing health challenges.

After nearly a year of chairing the Reimagine New York Commission, we’re releasing our #ReimagineActionPlan . Our key finding: universal connectivity is a prerequisite to making all other essential changes to build back better & more equitably.


Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed!

Every time you use a phone, or a computer, you use the ideas that Alan Turing invented. A hero.

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24-year-old Anthony Mutua of #Kenya  has invented a chip that can charge phones with footsteps. Innovation from the ground up. #NewDigitalAge 

The science of motivation; explained on a whiteboard, on youtube. Absolutely fascinating

I predict big things happening today at Google. We're already fast.. fast is about to get faster.

After ten years as CEO and seven as Executive Chairman, I can’t wait to dive into the latest in science, technology, and philanthropy. I look forward to working with Larry and Sergey on our future here at Alphabet.

Google will reach 100% renewable energy for all global operations (including data centers and offices) in 2017:

As a leader, your default mode should be: share everything w/as much of your organization as you can. #HowGoogleWorks 

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