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u can’t sell houses u don’t own u can’t sell cars u don’t own but u *can* sell stock u don’t own!? this is bs – shorting is a scam legal only for vestigial reasons

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Tesla $TSLA said it now has more than 1,200 supercharger sites in China according to Bloomberg

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Exports: Pakistan & Bangladesh: Over the years, in USD billions. 1990 2007 2018 2022 PK : 5.92 17.83 23.6 31.81 BD : 1.54 13.44 40.8 50.43

JUST IN: Crema Finance has temporarily suspended its services due to an exploit.

People can now buy Apple products using $SHIB via BitPay! 🔥

Warren Buffett: This is the No. 1 mistake parents make when teaching kids about money. (via @CNBCMakeIt )

Zimbabwe has removed tax on diesel and significantly reduced tax on petrol to keep prices down.

Make NO mistake - this was an MMT (Modern Monetary Theory experiment on roids. Monthly US deficits were 2-3 standard deviations greater than the GFC. The Fed was buying billions of US Treasuries every month - US Treasury was depositing cash into the bank accounts of consumers.

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