Ukraine February

The move further increases Russia's strategic isolation in the wake of its invasion of neighbouring Ukraine in February. #World 

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Ukraine February

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According to the Espionage Act, it is also illegal to LEAK documents. And somebody at the FBI or DOJ has been leaking to the press. So when can we expect the pre-dawn, guns-drawn raids to commence?

The directors of Britain's water companies should face "personal legal action" over "the catastrophic damage they've done to the environment in England", according to environmental campaigner @Feargal_Sharkey . Do you agree? @emilysheffield 

Bill Clinton lost the nuclear codes when he was in office. - per ABC News.

The global economy is slowing sharply. The war in Ukraine, rising energy and food prices, and supply-demand imbalances are feeding worldwide inflation. Find out how much this will affect global growth and what policymakers can do.

Trump calls for return of privileged documents reportedly seized at Mar-a-Lago

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Authors on the Salman Rushdie attack: ‘A society cannot survive without free speech’

Responding to FBI search, Trump and allies return to his familiar strategy: flood the zone with nonsense.

Karen Brook Tier 2 Tallying Well Done Milton Nyakundi, Irene Odinga and William Odinga. You tried. Now Give Up. The forms you are hopeful about HNIB agents can provide from our Tally Centre. Msichoke sana....

To those concerned about the human rights of Russians wanting to vacation in Estonia, please also express some concern for the human rights of these innocent Russians as well: @navalny  @vkaramurza  @IlyaYashin . Just one tweet. Thank you.