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This US-based activist wanted to create awareness about how much trash people generate, so he wore all his garbage and took to the streets.

The UK and other European countries have reported a small number of human monkeypox infections, a virus rarely seen in Europe.

Spain's former King Juan Carlos arrived in the country Thursday after spending nearly two years in exile in the United Arab Emirates.

After two months of strict lockdown, the streets of Shanghai are finally seeing some people as the city slowly opens up.

Canada's government said it would ban the use of the two Chinese telecommunications giants' 5G gear due to national security concerns.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner has announced a contribution of €1 billion for Ukraine's budget. The influx of cash aims to support the financing of Ukraine's government, as Russia's war has decimated tax revenue.

Former U.S. President George W. Bush mistakenly described the invasion of Iraq as "unjustified", instead of Ukraine.

White-supremacist killers are invoking environmental concerns to justify murder. But what is eco-fascism and why are people attracted to it?

European universities are cooperating with China's military university in scientific research in fields with the potential of military use, an investigation by DW and its partners found.

Like Colombo, Dhaka has also taken on massive foreign loans to embark on what critics call "white elephant" projects. Experts say the economic turmoil in Sri Lanka should serve as a cautionary tale.


TW: depiction of rape Evidence is growing that Russian soldiers are using rape as a weapon of war in Ukraine. In areas retaken by Ukrainian forces, civilians are giving horrifying accounts of sexual violence and murder.

In her farewell address, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "resistance must be loud" when scientific facts are denied and conspiracy theories are spread.

A five-year-old boy who had not received the measles vaccine went on holiday to Costa Rica with his parents. The country had been measles free for five years before his arrival.

Thousands of Muslims in Indonesia gathered to celebrate Eid al-Fitr after two years of COVID restrictions were eased.

Police dogs in Ecuador received their last salutes before going into retirement. Good job! ?

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Spain has one the highest vaccination rates in the world without government mandates or incentives. Here is what's behind the Spanish success story and what others could learn from it👇

Florida man goes home after four tumultuous years in public office.