Biden has been criticized. Dem leaders have been criticized. And yet, rather than taking the bait and being distracted by the inside-the-beltway circus, they focused on one thing the Republicans forgot altogether how to do: governance.

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Shooting directly at protesters/people in Tehran... This is just surreal...blind and cruel crackdown! #MahsaAmini  #IranProtests2022  #مهسا_امینی

"In a time of tragedy people need help. Where Ron DeSantis is a 'no government' conservative, he's about to become a Big Government Republican,” former #Florida  congressman @DavidJollyFL  tells @JoyAnnReid .

BREAKING: Kim Kardashian will pay $1.26 million over SEC allegations that she broke US rules by touting a crypto token without disclosing she was paid for the promotion

President Biden plans to announce more than $60 million in federal funding to shore up levees, strengthen flood walls and create a new flood warning system to help the island better prepare for storms.

“The last 40 thousand years is quite unique in human history, in that we are the only form of humans around.” Take a listen to our interview with 2022 medicine laureate Svante Pääbo who reflects on our relationship to extinct species of early hominins. Listen here:

Some twitterers thought @bbcnickrobinson  was a bit harsh on @KwasiKwarteng  this morning. They obviously haven’t read @martinwolf_  in the @FT . Brutal stuff. “These people are mad, bad and dangerous. They have to go”

#BREAKING 46 girls and women among 53 killed in Kabul classroom suicide bombing: UN

The energy regulator OFGEM has warned of a 'gas supply emergency' due to impact of Russia's war in Ukraine

A surgeon in Tigray@FAmdeslasie  says they have no medical supplies and medics have not been paid for 17 months

BREAKING: Russia's Duma certifies annexation of four regions