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I first met @SenSchumer  over 40 yrs ago in a diner in Midwood, Brooklyn. He was an Assemblyman I was an aide to Rep. Stephen Solarz & joined him for the meeting. It was clear then great things were in store for the man who is now Sen. Majority Leader. Congratulations to him!!

The professionalism & great intelligence of @PressSecPsaki  is not only welcome & refreshing, it reminds how important her role is to the success of this administration. Restoring truth & transparency is a central part o @JoeBiden  the agenda & she is getting off to a great start.

@PressSecPsaki  through her command of the facts, her responsiveness and her dedication to the truth reminds us how long it has been since we last had a government that recognized, as she said, that the president and the WH team work for the people. Point well made.

@SimonWDC  @PressSecPsakiCompletely  agree. Talk about hitting the ground running, today was amazing. As was, it happens, the transition. Huge credit @WHCOS  to and his A-plus team for managing a seamless process under profoundly difficult conditions.

To pat myself on the back briefly, today has demonstrated that I have world class tear ducts, the Energizer Bunnies of tear ducts, tiny never-ending fountains of emotion. Let's hear it for the corners of my eyes.

Same to you. We've all been lucky enough to be part of a big resistance support group...which has been very rewarding.

By delivering what people missed most-compassion, decency, wisdom, integrity & honesty @JoeBiden  & @KamalaHarris  not only set the themes for their administration but without mentioning their predecessor's name, offered the most scathing indictment imaginable of him and his admin.

Today was-despite the limitations placed on the planners--by far the best realized, most moving inaugural I have ever seen. In an instant, a city that had been awash in vileness for four years, was cleansed, transformed and elevated and with it, a country's aspirations restored.

I want to repeat the point I made after inauguration following tonight's brilliantly produce Inaugural show, artists and the arts are essential to the work we have ahead of us. Politicians cannot do it alone. To touch people, to lift them up, we must speak to their hearts.

Great leaders--like @JoeBiden  and @KamalaHarris  --do that naturally. But they touch more people, their message resonates further and deeper, when they tap into the diversity and genius of American culture. To save America, we must cherish, celebrate & support the arts.


So...UPS...Fedex...big opportunity here. Just offer to deliver any election ballot for free...or honor the postage on it...and get it there by Election Day. You'll overnight become the most beloved and respected organization in America. Go on...it's the right thing to do.

President Trump incited a mob to storm the Capitol to overturn the results of an American election. That's not an exaggeration. Don't tell me this has not been a coup attempt. Don't tell me Trump is not an enemy of the United States. He has been since Day 1.

It's the racism. But it's not just the racism. It's sex crimes. But it's not just the sex crimes. It's the concentration camps. But it's not just the concentration camps. It's the corruption. But it's not just the corruption.

If there is, as there seems to be in Oregon & as we saw in DC, an effort to introduce a secret police into US life then it is the obligation of everyone in the media, in the government, in the courts, to do what we can to expose it, stop it, and punish those responsible for it.

It's happening again. It's just as bad. There are even more Republicans working to enable the Russians to help Trump this time. It remains one of the great scandals in our history. And America remains asleep, apathetic to treachery.

It is impossible to read this exceptional @nytimes  story on Trump's taxes & not conclude he is a crook, his kids are crooks, his companies are badly mismanaged & his financial future is precarious. His creditors own him. We need to know who they are.

The military is not funded. The government is not funded. There is no relief for a nation suffering health care and economic catastrophes. But Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Jared's Dad are celebrating. Never doubt who the Trump Administration and the GOP serve.

I'm a scorched earth Dem. Win WH & both houses in Nov. Work to make DC & PR states. Impeach judges who got jobs through false pretenses or w/o qualifications. Rethink structure of courts that have been rigged. Investigate & hold accountable Trump Admin.