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I woke up to receive this fan mail this a.m.: "You are a filthy piece of human scum that would rather see this country go socialist under Bidet." Not that unusual to get such a thing. But referring to Biden as "Bidet" was a nice flourish or an amusing typo. Not sure which.

We'll devote a podcast to it someday.

I missed this from @aaronnemo  a couple weeks ago. As far as I can tell, with the Borat movie and my sister's chocolate chip cookie countdown, it is one of the three good things to happen this month. (Because it's funny. He's pretty much always funny.)

The doctors in the White House medical office are blazing new trails in malpractice.

A week from Tuesday is Election Day. But this Tuesday is also important. It's the day my book placing Trump's crimes in historical perspective comes out. Since you'll probably be waiting in long lines to vote, maybe you should pre-order it now. "Traitor."

WH response to the most important test an American president has faced since World War II: We quit. We're outta here. We're not up to it. We give up. The virus wins. You're on your own. This job is too hard for us. We choked in the clutch. We suck. Just go on about your dying.

The WH chose to ignore the threat posed by the virus because they thought downplaying it would help ensure Trump's re-election. Nearly 230K are dead as a consequence-and it turns out they were completely wrong about the politics of it, too. The wrong choice for the wrong reason.

One of the top priorities of the Democrats must be to return justice to our justice system. We must do whatever that requires...and we must acknowledge right now that requires sweeping reform and changes we never expected to have to make. McConnell & Co. have left us no choice.


So...UPS...Fedex...big opportunity here. Just offer to deliver any election ballot for free...or honor the postage on it...and get it there by Election Day. You'll overnight become the most beloved and respected organization in America. Go on...it's the right thing to do.

I'm a scorched earth Dem. Win WH & both houses in Nov. Work to make DC & PR states. Impeach judges who got jobs through false pretenses or w/o qualifications. Rethink structure of courts that have been rigged. Investigate & hold accountable Trump Admin.

If there is, as there seems to be in Oregon & as we saw in DC, an effort to introduce a secret police into US life then it is the obligation of everyone in the media, in the government, in the courts, to do what we can to expose it, stop it, and punish those responsible for it.

It's happening again. It's just as bad. There are even more Republicans working to enable the Russians to help Trump this time. It remains one of the great scandals in our history. And America remains asleep, apathetic to treachery.

It's the racism. But it's not just the racism. It's sex crimes. But it's not just the sex crimes. It's the concentration camps. But it's not just the concentration camps. It's the corruption. But it's not just the corruption.

It is impossible to read this exceptional @nytimes  story on Trump's taxes & not conclude he is a crook, his kids are crooks, his companies are badly mismanaged & his financial future is precarious. His creditors own him. We need to know who they are.

Worst health crisis in a century. Worst unemployment crisis ever. Worst crisis in the streets in more than 50 years. US an international pariah, rejected by the club of democracies we helped create, the global order we sought to build for 75 yrs in shambles. That's where we are.

The Attorney General of the United States is a criminal.