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The federal government should immediately ban the travel on interstate carriers of anyone who cannot present proof of vaccination. State and local governments should require proof of vaccination to enter all restaurants, stores, public buildings, concerts, sporting events, etc.

The world spends $2 trillion a year on defense. The US accounts for about a third of that. The IMF estimates it would cost $50 billion to vaccinate everyone on the planet for COVID. We seem to have a big misunderstanding of the meaning of defense.

Note: When Gen. Milley talks about "strategic momentum" being with the Taliban over the past year--and their substantial gains--all this occurred with US troops in place. After 20 years of US and allied investment. So hard to argue merits of leaving troops there.

We just finished an episode of @deepstateradio  on the resurgence of COVID worldwide and in particular in the U.S. Is the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated the next big US domestic battle? @Laurie_Garrett  @kavitapmd  & @rgoodlaw  join. When it's posted (soon), you should listen.

Getting vaccinated is not a "personal choice." It is a choice individuals are currently making on behalf of every individual they will come into contact with. That's why it is the responsibility of government and organizations to insist upon it.

Attention vaccine skeptics who worry the vaccine was rushed to market. As of today, 3.74 billion doses have been administered worldwide. With great results. It's ok for you to use it now. Please proceed.

New category of people who are insta-blocked: Those who complain about how many spaces I leave after a period. Where I grew up in NJ we have a response for that kind of two-bit pedantry...and I will leave it to your imagination.

@ThePlumLineGS  @joshtpm (Pro tip: @ThePlumLineGSis  the Post columnist who is right on this. The "don't hurt the feelings of the racist, anti-democratic, anti-science, pro-corruption Trumpists " take is tired and misunderstands the nature of their (often irrational) anger and (ignorance-based) views.)

Do you think God sometimes laments how quickly the epochs and geological eras fly by? "It seems like the Big Bang was only yesterday..."

Based on what I have seen of the universe, I can’t imagine any other kind.


So...UPS...Fedex...big opportunity here. Just offer to deliver any election ballot for free...or honor the postage on it...and get it there by Election Day. You'll overnight become the most beloved and respected organization in America. Go on...it's the right thing to do.

President Trump incited a mob to storm the Capitol to overturn the results of an American election. That's not an exaggeration. Don't tell me this has not been a coup attempt. Don't tell me Trump is not an enemy of the United States. He has been since Day 1.

If there is, as there seems to be in Oregon & as we saw in DC, an effort to introduce a secret police into US life then it is the obligation of everyone in the media, in the government, in the courts, to do what we can to expose it, stop it, and punish those responsible for it.

Trump has never won the popular vote in an election, lost the House, lost the Senate, impeached twice, lost more than 60 court cases challenging last election, lost in Supreme Court trying to hide his taxes, lost while actually owning casinos, lost 500K lives to COVID.

It is impossible to read this exceptional @nytimes  story on Trump's taxes & not conclude he is a crook, his kids are crooks, his companies are badly mismanaged & his financial future is precarious. His creditors own him. We need to know who they are.

I'm a scorched earth Dem. Win WH & both houses in Nov. Work to make DC & PR states. Impeach judges who got jobs through false pretenses or w/o qualifications. Rethink structure of courts that have been rigged. Investigate & hold accountable Trump Admin.

It's happening again. It's just as bad. There are even more Republicans working to enable the Russians to help Trump this time. It remains one of the great scandals in our history. And America remains asleep, apathetic to treachery.

Worst health crisis in a century. Worst unemployment crisis ever. Worst crisis in the streets in more than 50 years. US an international pariah, rejected by the club of democracies we helped create, the global order we sought to build for 75 yrs in shambles. That's where we are.

The military is not funded. The government is not funded. There is no relief for a nation suffering health care and economic catastrophes. But Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Jared's Dad are celebrating. Never doubt who the Trump Administration and the GOP serve.