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@Teri_Kanefield  @markfollmanI  @Delavegalaw  spoke to very credible, respected sources. Most of them came to the conclusion that further patience was warranted. Those I spoke to off-the-record were also very credible--but since it was off-the-record, we'll leave that aside for a moment.

@Teri_Kanefield  @markfollmanN  @Delavegalawothing  was "sensationalized. " I raised questions about the process and about its pace and the risks that it is moving too slowly that are perfectly reasonable and that are being asked by many many others. As for "fear mongering... "

@Teri_Kanefield  @markfollmanh  @Delavegalawow  can a piece that includes multiple recommendations of patience and reflects legitimate questions held by many in positions of responsibility with great experience be considered "fear mongering? " "

@Teri_Kanefield  @markfollmanY  @Delavegalawou  feel confident all is being handled well. Others who have read the court-filings and listened to the pronouncements of senior DOJ officials about process and following the evidence agree with you. But, the fair answer is we just don't know where it will lead.

@Teri_Kanefield  @markfollmanA  @Delavegalawnd  if we don't know...and we also have have manifold experiences in the recent past that suggest that Trump and those around him may not be held accountable (and that sometimes DOJ process and legal conclusions have been at fault), isn't it reasonable, given the stakes...

@Teri_Kanefield  @markfollman . @Delavegalaw ..to encourage debate and consider what happens if the investigation drags on too long? I think it is. I think the DOJ processes can withstand that debate and that such debate is fair and appropriate and how our system is supposed to work.

@Teri_Kanefield  @markfollmanD  @Delavegalawon 't agree? Fine. But in my view focusing on the facts and critiques that are a little less ad hominem or dismissive or contemptuous of reasonable, respected, experienced experts is a more productive approach. My two cents.

@Teri_Kanefield  @DelavegalawI  tried to have a constructive exchange with you. You on the other hand seem to be committed to taking a path of condescending confrontation w/o any consideration that reasonable people might have a different perspective from yours. Therefore, at this point, I am bowing out.

Sound reasoning from the eminently sound and reasonable @AlonPinkas : Stop the hysteria: Nuclear deal or not, this isn't 1938

@TravelingUS  Good news. Hope it leads to accountability...and hope that we do not simply charge the lawyer for acting on behalf of and at the direction of her client.


So...UPS...Fedex...big opportunity here. Just offer to deliver any election ballot for free...or honor the postage on it...and get it there by Election Day. You'll overnight become the most beloved and respected organization in America. Go on...it's the right thing to do.

President Trump incited a mob to storm the Capitol to overturn the results of an American election. That's not an exaggeration. Don't tell me this has not been a coup attempt. Don't tell me Trump is not an enemy of the United States. He has been since Day 1.

The intellectual dishonesty that we have seen in critiques of Biden's handling of the exit from Afghanistan has been spectacular.

If there is, as there seems to be in Oregon & as we saw in DC, an effort to introduce a secret police into US life then it is the obligation of everyone in the media, in the government, in the courts, to do what we can to expose it, stop it, and punish those responsible for it.

The Biden jobs story isn't just good. It's spectacular. Over 5.5 million jobs created in 10 months. Most recently, the lowest jobless claims in 52 years. And all that before the infrastructure and BBB packages kick in. Something else to be thankful for.

Trump has never won the popular vote in an election, lost the House, lost the Senate, impeached twice, lost more than 60 court cases challenging last election, lost in Supreme Court trying to hide his taxes, lost while actually owning casinos, lost 500K lives to COVID.

I'm a scorched earth Dem. Win WH & both houses in Nov. Work to make DC & PR states. Impeach judges who got jobs through false pretenses or w/o qualifications. Rethink structure of courts that have been rigged. Investigate & hold accountable Trump Admin.

It is impossible to read this exceptional @nytimes  story on Trump's taxes & not conclude he is a crook, his kids are crooks, his companies are badly mismanaged & his financial future is precarious. His creditors own him. We need to know who they are.