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One of the toughest challenges ever, rank the 10 most odious current members of Trump world: 10. Grenell 9. Ivanka 8. Jared 7. Parscale 6. Don Jr. 5. Miller 4. Pompeo 3. Trump 2. Barr 1. McConnell

What percentage of opinion pieces that you are read are either stating the obvious, restating the obvious, repeating a tired old trope, dumb, offensive or offensively dumb?

So, show of hands, who here is tired of comments urging us to change something that can't be changed? (You know, like Trump's personality or Twitter being full of irritating questions and comments?)

The president, leader of the GOP, is choosing to respond to the deaths of 100,000 Americans and 40 million unemployed by promoting crazy-cruel-lunatic conspiracy theories, depicting his opponent in a coffin and generally howling at the moon. Will the effort at distraction work?

p.s. This is an important warning because it underscores something else that seems unclear to many. This campaign will not be a cakewalk for Biden & Dems. If we do not hit on all cylinders, if we do not mount a great, energizing, smart, well-funded effort...we will lose.

@realDonaldTrump thinks 100,000 dead and 40 million unemployed is a good outcome. You get to decide in November. But while you are at it, keep in mind that every other member of his party in the Senate and House supports his view on this. They all must go.

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It's the racism. But it's not just the racism. It's sex crimes. But it's not just the sex crimes. It's the concentration camps. But it's not just the concentration camps. It's the corruption. But it's not just the corruption.

Something broke in America this week. We have been spiraling downward since Trump's election, but this week, we crossed a line. The President and his men began asserting that they were above the law--and effectively no one in our system did anything to stop them.

Beating Trump in November is not the goal. It is not even the minimum acceptable outcome. The GOP is the problem. The GOP must be defeated in both the Senate and the House. The GOP must be defeated up and down the ballot. Don't lose sight of this. Work for it daily.

History will look back and determine that the fact Trump got this far into his presidency without being impeached was a serious failure of the nature and character of the U.S. Congress and a sign our checks and balances do not work nearly as well as they should.

The degree to which our highest court is currently debating whether the president is above the law, is a king, should be deeply disturbing to everyone.

This will not end well for Jared. His past efforts have resulted in contempt for him. This one, with lives at stake, here in the US, will result in him becoming one of the most reviled public figures in modern memory in this country.

On this day in American history...the most extensive plot to kill senior US government officials and prominent Americans in history took place. It targeted two former presidents, their families, a former Secretary of State, a former head of the CIA, senior members of Congress...

81 years ago tonight, my grandfather was arrested by the Nazis for the crime of being a Jew. My Dad, 12 yrs old, spent the next couple days searching all over Vienna for him.When he was released, they found a way to come to the U.S. Three dozen other relatives were not so lucky.