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Qatar has spent several years developing its national team ahead of the World Cup, which kicks off on Sunday. The global public, though, is skeptical of the event. Nobody quite knows what to expect.

Moldova is seeking to join the European Union, but Russia is doing everything it can to destabilize the small republic. The Kremlin has radically throttled gas deliveries and is orchestrating protests in the country.

For years, South Sudan has suffered from massive flooding. Now, the water is no longer draining away – and around 8 million people are at risk of starvation. The climate crisis is bringing this already highly vulnerable country ever closer to collapse.

Beijing's tone toward Taiwan is becoming increasingly aggressive, and most of those living on the island are unprepared for a war against its oversized neighbor. Some, though, are trying to change that.

After 16 years as Germany's political leader, she realized that it was time for someone new. But one year after leaving office, Angela Merkel has yet to find closure – particularly as her legacy continues to look worse and worse. DER SPIEGEL visited her…

Tens of thousands of Russian draftees are fighting in Ukraine. Hardly any of them have tried to resist conscription. But Kirill Beresin tried to do just that, fleeing from his unit and filing a complaint back home.

Machismo is widespread in Latin America. Bogotás undersecretary for culture would like to change that and redefine what it means to be a man. He has developed a program for teaching men to cook, change diapers and talk about their feelings.

Many of France's best football players come from problematic surroundings. When they reach stardom, they are forced to walk a difficult line between fame and fortune – and the envy of their former friends. Some fall off or become targets of extortion.


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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis poses as a reformer. But his leadership methods are more reminiscent of an autocracy. It is time for the EU to do something about it.

Political scientist Ivan Krastev is an astute observer of Vladimir Putin. In an interview, he speaks of the Russian president's isolation, his understanding of Russian history and how he has become a prisoner of his own rhetoric.