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I will never betray my heart. Activist. Organizer. Educator. Bowdoin. TFA. Baltimore. IG: iamderay snapchat: derayderay (deray@thisisthemovement.org)

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I had a man try to tell me that the reason that white ppl have historically benefited from immense government aid is bc they’ve been the majority in the US. I replied that they’ve been the majority bc they killed & enslaved everyone else, not bc it’s natural law. He was pissed.
Asthma Inhalers Fail Minority Children Due to a Lack of Diversity in Research https://t.co/u2ipU2BOaX
Black troops as much as twice as likely to be punished by commanders, courts https://t.co/ceOLrd8JgT
When I hear people say, with a straight face, that “people on both sides just want the same thing: love” I don’t know if they’ve just never heard of racism/white supremacy or if they’re in denial or maybe they’re just punking us.
How UMBC guard Jairus Lyles and UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski reached 'BFF' status https://t.co/ckd2515oDS
A gay conversion therapist told his male patients that he could cure them by having sex with them https://t.co/cBDJ5564nj
Hundreds of Missouri’s 15-year-old brides may have married their rapists https://t.co/JYHmaq6Dth
what is she even saying?!
I had some great calls today and in-person talks with folks and found the silver lining in the midst of some unexpected challenges.
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