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I will never betray my heart. Activist. Organizer. Educator. Bowdoin. TFA. Baltimore. IG: iamderay snapchat: derayderay (deray@thisisthemovement.org)

Latest Scoops

I spoke w/ @TomPerez re: Doug Jones & what the DNC has learned about getting out the vote alongside African American communities. htthttps://t.co/NdDl8i46Oeps://t.co/V6rWd4Cqt9
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I never knew how rubber bands were made! https://t.co/8yZKmFM3Om
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clear eyes, full hearts. can’t lose.
Educating prisoners gives them — and their communities — a shot at a better future https://t.co/bMd5LmdAvA
I’m interested in learning more about the impact of felon disenfranchisement on the voting patterns of black men.
How many senior staff are black now that Omarosa has left?

Huckabee Sanders: 🤷‍♀️ https://t.co/t0yPIt0Q8m
I spoke with @TomWheelerFCC, former chair of the FCC, re: #NetNeutralty. The fight isn’t over. Listen to our convo here: https://t.co/hKiDKqpZuv https://t.co/HhFPoMnwux
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People are calling Uber to be taken to the emergency room instead of ambulances.
Uber reduces ambulance usage across the country, study says https://t.co/siEbfFUm3O
.@AjitPaiFCC, when we’ve met & spoken you’ve taken the issues seriously even though we disagree. But I just saw the Daily Caller video where you joke about the end of as #NetNeutralityif it’s a game. It was insulting to many of us who submitted feedback to you. Why that video?
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