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I will never betray my heart. Activist. Organizer. Educator. Bowdoin. TFA. Baltimore. IG: iamderay snapchat: derayderay (deray@thisisthemovement.org)

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Bible Museum say five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake https://t.co/bmuAGk3vUH
Does Jared Kushner still have his security clearance?
Patagonia endorses political candidates for the first time ever https://t.co/1q8ol0jXeL
trans rights are human rights.
A white woman just asked me to get the check for her at this brunch spot. When I told her that I didn’t work here it was just an awkward silence. I guess my sweatpants didn’t signal that this wasn’t the employee uniform.
2 Harris County judges responsible for 1 in 5 children sent to Texas juvenile prisons https://t.co/Ais1LSPeRd
honored to have been painted by IG @/krishnabalashenoi.

ready. focused. let’s go.
Mom Dies After Being Forced To Wait Seven Hours To Be Operated On For Post-Childbirth Complications https://t.co/UA7LY50msM
first. black. woman. photgrapher.
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