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I will never betray my heart. Activist. Organizer. Educator. Bowdoin. TFA. Baltimore. IG: iamderay snapchat: derayderay (deray@thisisthemovement.org)

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Maine governor Paul LePage says he'd go to jail before he expands Medicaid https://t.co/c0eJNWqJYP
TSA agents cannot be sued over allegations of abuse, federal court rules https://t.co/ae0DruW6G4
Chicago Police Department officer under investigation after video goes viral: "I kill motherfu****s" https://t.co/bqtllfR43W
Man shot by officer outside methadone clinic in Northwest Baltimore https://t.co/ro0iwjX8jm
I had to learn that sometimes people hand you grenades and call it love.
U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials https://t.co/sPEFP3g3B6
#ThereseOkoumou. “I went as high as I could.” ✊🏾. https://t.co/AfD7mGGoKC
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Let’s just hope that the new head of the EPA isn’t worse than Pruitt.
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