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I just saw Nunes again! I guess he’s still there?

The only real news that flowed from today’s hearing was Taylor’s revelation of a July 26 call between Sondland and @realDonaldTrump , and the existence of a witness who overheard it and spoke with Sondland after. It’s all about Bidens to Trump, Sondland reportedly said.

Looking forward to welcoming distinguished journalist @michele_norris  to @UChiPolitics  Friday to discuss her fascinating and important The Race Card Project.

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Words that @realDonaldTrump  uses perpetually that grate. One of “unfair” and the other is “disgrace” because they almost always involve how he feels he is being treated and because fairness and grace are virtues he almost never shows to others.

Most candidates for president will exit the race without ever raising $100 million. @MikeBloomberg  is spending that “as he contemplates” a bid. Therein lies an advantage!

What is the relevance of this earlier call, which Nunes dutifullly read? The president proffers a WH visit in the spring—which we now know he later withheld, pending Zelensky’s agreement to open a probe on Bidens. Hard to see how this strengthens @realDonaldTrump  defense.

These career diplomats are earnest and impressive witnesses.


95 straight months of job growth. 21 months of @realDonaldTrump . Do the math.

To state the obvious, denying federal workers a pay raise because you’ve lavished a trillion dollars of tax cuts on corporations and the wealthy, creating massive new deficits, is beyond outrageous.

I did 150 campaigns and did not accept “oppo” from ANY foreign government much less an adversary. Let’s not pretend this is normal. Or legal. Or right.

What a terrible legacy for @realDonaldTrump  if Joe Arpaio gets a pardon while 800,000 young people, who have done no wrong, get the boot!

As assures Texans everything is going "very well," the EPA he's dismantling apparently is AWOL amid a looming environmental crisis.

Interesting to hear complain that the Mueller probe has “wasted millions of millions dollars.” This from a president who sent 5,000 troops to the border as a campaign stunt.

Americans were treated to a profane, insult-laden, often inappropriate monologue last night. But enough about the . How about the White House Correspondents Dinner?

Strange principle is emerging: If you admit misconduct, you resign. But if you deny it, however compelling or voluminous the testimony against you, you continue in office-or on to office-with impunity?

What’s wrong with this picture? The Ukrainian President had to endure extortion as he pleaded for a WH meeting and promised aid. Erdoghan overruns our allies, the Kurds, and gets a warm invitation.

So when acts of terror are committed by Muslims, @POTUS  can't wait to Tweet. When they are committed AGAINST Muslims, nothing.