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The @PresElectBiden  navigated his presser well, keeping focus on his priorities, touting progress on the virus and recovery, and generally avoiding making big news on other subjects.

Amazing to watch the big right-wing propaganda machine roll. They can’t paint @JoeBiden  as “radical” or “socialist,” so they instead paint him as clueless and senile. Biden was in command of that presser today but the predictable braying on the right was that he was out of it.

On the #AxeFiles , @karaswisher ⁩ of the @nytimes ⁩, who has been covering the tech giants since their infancy, scoffed at their claims of innocence in the information wars and sounded the alarm about how social media is being weaponized. Pod👉

GIven the outrageous new voter suppression laws, @MLB  should move the 2021 All-Star game from Georgia. The film industry, which is flourishing there, should move their productions. Corporations should vote w/their dollars and reconsider investments.

He also joked about assassination in reference to two @GOP  reps from MI-Upton and Meijer-who voted to impeach Trump and have received threats. Can’t we at least agree that this stuff is way out of bounds and dangerous?

I don’t know Hansjorg Wyss. But to me, as a Chicagoan & proud veteran of the @chicagotribune  newsroom, his intervention to try & save the Trib from the clutches of hedge fund scavengers is an unexpected ray of hope and good news for our town & journalism.

Here’s the problem w/the GA law: It’s based on the false claim that the 2020 election was riven by fraud. And based on that throughly debunked lie, it offers “remedies,” some of which will make it harder for some citizens to vote & easier for politicians to undermine elections.

@SenDuckworth  may have the most remarkable & inspiring story of anyone in public life. Now she’s written a new memoir, Every Day is a Gift. In new #AxeFiles , I spoke w/her about her life & searing moments like the one below that helped shape her. Pod👉

The memorial service in the Capitol rotunda for Officer Billy Evans, who died protecting others, was heartbreakingly sad. But the images of his young family were absolutely wrenching. May his memory be a blessing.

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Two noteworthy milestones in American social history today: The 1947 debut of Jackie Robinson for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and 99th the birthday of the late Harold Washington, who in 1983, became the first Black mayor of Chicago. Both heroic path-breakers!


This may be why @realDonaldTrump  has potential legal problems. If you claim massive losses to avoid paying federal income taxes but inflate your revenues and assets on bank documents for loan purposes, wouldn’t that constitute fraud?

The stunning conclusion from the briefing today is that the @POTUS  knew he had COVID-19 at least 3 days ago, did not disclose it, went to events and risked infecting others. They thought they could hide this until the media outed Hope Hicks and the POTUS developed symptoms.

The shooter in Boulder bought an assault weapon a week before the massacre. He had a conviction for assault and a history of aggressive acts. Explain to me how background checks wouldn’t help?

This is a pretty stunning mashup.

The president is receiving multiple medications. It’s noteworthy that none of them is hydroxychloroquine

@BarackObama  didn’t mention @realDonaldTrump . Yet when Obama referenced adults with fancy titles who act like children and do only what feels good, the president’s supporters immediately read it as a dastardly attack on HIM. Why is that?🤔

Before @JoeBiden  was selected VP by @BarackObama , vetters for the campaign scoured every aspect of his record, career and life. Tara Reade or complaints of sexual harassment or assault never came up. I know. I was there. Here are my recollections:

When the @POTUS  wants to present a skewed picture of the virus and what it requires, he sends out Dr. Atlas, who has no background in public health or epidemiology, to parrot the party line. When the POTUS requires treatment, he seeks out experts who know what they’re doing.

If @realDonaldTrump  and @senatemajldr  ram thru a replacement now, the SCOTUS will have a majority of justices appointed by presidents who finished 2d in the popular vote, confirmed by senate majorities who represented less than half of the country. A tyranny of the minority.

So @BarackObama  advised @realDonald Trump not to hire Flynn as nat sec adviser. Trump ignored the advice. Flynn proceeded to lie to the @FBI  and @VP  about his call with the Russian ambassador, for which Trump fired him and Flynn pleaded guilty. And this is Obama’s fault?!?