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Moved by the meaning of this solemn day, the @POTUS  marks Memorial Day by taunting NC and Charlotte authorities for refusing to green light his convention despite public health concerns.

I’m sure every president has grumbled from time-to-time about the Inspectors General who were put in place after Watergate to provide independent oversight over federal agencies. But every president has accepted the law and spirit behind it. Until now.

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In promoting a vile and false slander against a critic, all @realDonaldTrump  has succeeded in doing is further reveal HIMSELF.

There is absolutely no context that would justify the horror this tape reveals.

One variable in the ‘20 campaign always has been how @realDonaldTrump  would behave if he felt he was losing. Now we know. He’s losing it. Just check out his comments and Tweets this morning and over the past few days. And there are 159 days to go!😳

“But Trump's irritation at being publicly undermined has been evident in conversations with his friends and aides, when he's complained that Fauci doesn't seem to be on his side.”

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The brazenness with which this administration suppresses critical information, be it guidance from the CDC or required economic reporting, is stunning. Every report is essentially filtered through the whims and political needs of the @POTUS .


@BarackObama  didn’t mention @realDonaldTrump . Yet when Obama referenced adults with fancy titles who act like children and do only what feels good, the president’s supporters immediately read it as a dastardly attack on HIM. Why is that?🤔

Just a fact check. The economic expansion has been on for decade. The last three years of the @Barack Obama admin produced more jobs than the first three years of @realDonald Trump. Unemployment fell from 10.2 to 4.7 under Obama. It’s fallen another 1.2 percent under Trump.

Before @JoeBiden  was selected VP by @BarackObama , vetters for the campaign scoured every aspect of his record, career and life. Tara Reade or complaints of sexual harassment or assault never came up. I know. I was there. Here are my recollections:

So the Barr-led Bureau of Prisons frees Manafort to serve the REMAINING FOUR YEARS of his sentence at home despite the facts that there have been no COVID-19 cases at the prison where he was serving and he did not meet several of the bureau’s standards for COVID release.

Reporters should not allow the @POTUS  to savage a fellow correspondent who is asking a legitimate question he finds uncomfortable and refuses to answer. They should serially repeat the question until they get one.

Another question: Why did the WH ignore the pandemic playbook that sat on their shelves, and which would have triggered federal efforts to meet the demand for ventilators and other supplies two months ago?

95 straight months of job growth. 21 months of @realDonaldTrump . Do the math.

To state the obvious, denying federal workers a pay raise because you’ve lavished a trillion dollars of tax cuts on corporations and the wealthy, creating massive new deficits, is beyond outrageous.

What a terrible legacy for @realDonaldTrump  if Joe Arpaio gets a pardon while 800,000 young people, who have done no wrong, get the boot!