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David Akin ??

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@RobertPaege  @claudlemireThere  have been lots of other laws other PMs could have broken ... but none did. Also: the current PM in every mandate letter to every one of his ministers specifically warned that ethics laws were paramount to obey. Then he and his finance minister broke those laws.

@quito_maggi  Don’t know. Obviously not the ethics commish. But as every pollster tells me his ruling is having no effect on vote intention, so what’s the harm in letting Dion have his 90 minutes in front of #ETHI ?

#NewsNOW in Condor, AB: Natural Resources Min@SohiAmarjeet  marks the of a new geothermal system project.

Officers of Parliament release reports all the time. In my 15 years on the Hill, it is a routine thing that the relevant House committee then takes testimony from said officer about that report. Until today. When #LPC  #ETHI  MPs decided to silence an officer of Parliament. Shame.

#NewsNOW in Cambridge Bay, NU: #LPC  MP @YvonneJJones  marks the opening of the Canadian High Arctic Research Station Campus.

#NewsNOW in French River, ON: #LPC  MP @MarcSerreMP  makes a funding announcement. Riding: Nickel Belt Incumbent: #LPC 

#NewsNOW in Saint-Prime, QC: Agriculture Min@mclaudebibeau  and #LPC  MP @RHebertPLC  make a funding announcement for two dairy processors. Riding: Lac-Saint-Jean Incumbent: #LPC 


Here’s outrageous for you: Trudeau Liberals write off a $7 m federal loan to the Irvings. The Irvings. Whose shipyard in Halifax this week just got a $500m navy contract. Good grief. Good scoop by @poitrasCBC 

FYI: The original lyric to the 1908 version of “O Canada” was “Thou dost in us command.” Was changed to “All Thy Sons” in 1914. So for you traditionalists, Robert Stanley Weir’s original lyric was, in fact, gender-neutral.

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Angry volunteer is offside. A) Sandbags were picked up during PMJT visit. B) Both Fri and Sat had security details for visits to the same place. No roads were blocked for either. I was there for hours both days. Saw both visits

I get that it might be tough for many of the #LGBTQ2  conservative politicians, staffers, supporters I’ve met over the years to call out what happened at the #PCPO  convention today but I’ll be happy to do it for you: It’s Bad. Wrong. Retrograde. Hurtful. Dangerous, even. #onpoli 

@JerryPDias Jerry: I invite you to visit with Unifor members who are also members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. I’ll set the meeting up. You will learn first-hand how much damage you are doing to the businesses that employ us, to our credibility and how terribly uninformed you are.

Premier: BC has had a carbon tax for a decade. Has led all Cdn provinces in GDP growth for the last few years; forecast to do so for the next few years.

You guys are blowing it when it comes to partisan campaigning. Why? You are hurting the media businesses that employ 12,000 of your members. 12,000. Signed: One of your 12,000 dues-paying media members.