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David Akin ??

Chief Political Correspondent. Global News. Normally from Ottawa, Canada.

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#NewsNOW in Ottawa: #LPC  MP @Francis_Drouin  makes a funding announcement.

#NewsNOW in Toronto: #LPC  MP @juliedabrusin  makes a funding announcement.

#NewsNOW via videoconference: #LPC  MP @vankayak  makes a funding announcement.

#NewsNOW in Grand Mira South, NS: #LPC  MP @mikekelloway  makes a funding announcement.

#NewsNOW in Ottaw: #LPC  MPs@Francis_Drouin  and @MarkGerretsen  make a funding announcement.

#NewsNOW in Lennox Passage, NS: #LPC  MP @mikekelloway  makes a funding announcement.


In November: Elections Canada warned of long lines/cramped polling stns in a pandemic election. EC called for legislative changes to spread e-day over 2 days, on Sat-Sun. The Trudeau government ignored his recommendations. So these long lines are on the incumbent seeking re-elxn.

US govt today: ▶︎ Banned Xinjiang imports. ▶︎ Put China’s top military institute on an export blacklist. ▶︎ Blacklisted 8 Chinese companies that make gear used to surveil Uyghurs Canada’s Parliament: ▶︎ Adjourned til Jan 31.

#CPC Leader@ErinOTooleMP  says he would lift cabinet confidence restrictions to allow RCMP to complete investigation into SNC-Lavalin affai #elxn44 . “You should not be able to use your influence to lobby your way out of a criminal prosecution,” O’Toole says.

Friend just texted me to note that everything in this photograph is already GST-exempt. #Elxn44 

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Sure enough, (white, male) trolls responding to today’s announcement of a fund to help Black entrepreneurs with: Where’s the fund for White enterpreneurs? Answer: That would have been Canada's banking system since, well, since forever.

Here’s outrageous for you: Trudeau Liberals write off a $7 m federal loan to the Irvings. The Irvings. Whose shipyard in Halifax this week just got a $500m navy contract. Good grief. Good scoop by @poitrasCBC 

BREAKING: @JustinTrudeau  says he’s ready to deploy mobile Red Cross vaccination teams to Ontario.