David Akin ??

David Akin ??

Chief Political Correspondent. Global News. Normally from Ottawa, Canada.

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CPC. CBC. India backsliding. My newsletter of #cdnpoli  & #media  clippings Jan 23

As Global's Chief Political Correspondent, I am very pleased to learn of CBC's new Chief Political Correspondent ! Congrats, @RosieBarton  ! A most excellent choice!

Volkswagen fined $196.5 million by Govt of Canada for “Dieselgate” By comparison: US fined VW $4.3 billion in civil and criminal penalties.

#NewsNOW in West Block: The #LPC  national caucus meets.

#NewsNOW in 425 180 Wellington: The #NDP  national caucus will meet .


I’ve been watching the patterns of spending announcements by our federal government for 10 years. 26,000 spending announcements. Three Parliaments. And all I’ll say: you cannot believe the Liberals right now. Shameless.

FYI: The original lyric to the 1908 version of “O Canada” was “Thou dost in us command.” Was changed to “All Thy Sons” in 1914. So for you traditionalists, Robert Stanley Weir’s original lyric was, in fact, gender-neutral.

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Two days on Trudeau’s tour. Pretty pictures. Zero questions from reporters. #elxn43 

Angry volunteer is offside. A) Sandbags were picked up during PMJT visit. B) Both Fri and Sat had security details for visits to the same place. No roads were blocked for either. I was there for hours both days. Saw both visits

@andrewscheer  had this good line at his rally in NS tonight: "Justin Trudeau started off his campaign a few weeks ago asking for four more years. But I'm here to tell you, he's only got four more days.” #elxn43 

Officers of Parliament release reports all the time. In my 15 years on the Hill, it is a routine thing that the relevant House committee then takes testimony from said officer about that report. Until today. When #LPC  #ETHI  MPs decided to silence an officer of Parliament. Shame.

I get that it might be tough for many of the #LGBTQ2  conservative politicians, staffers, supporters I’ve met over the years to call out what happened at the #PCPO  convention today but I’ll be happy to do it for you: It’s Bad. Wrong. Retrograde. Hurtful. Dangerous, even. #onpoli 

Wow. Trudeau is telling Singh that Singh is not doing enough to fight racism. Hm. Gonna have to process that for a minute …

@JerryPDias Jerry: I invite you to visit with Unifor members who are also members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. I’ll set the meeting up. You will learn first-hand how much damage you are doing to the businesses that employ us, to our credibility and how terribly uninformed you are.