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2 arrested after man’s body found behind Far East Dallas apartment complex

Vietnam War vet forced to sleep in car after home remodeler destroys his house | Watchdog

Hot dog-flavored hard seltzer and barbecue sauce beer? Yes, really

Confederate ideology is still alive and well, and paraded through our capitol | Opinion

The most innocent victims of Texas abortion ban: Children forced to carry their abuser’s baby

What’s not in new federal gun law: universal background checks, high-capacity magazine ban

Pilot Point mayor resigns after being arrested on charge of soliciting a minor


The front page of Friday's Dallas Morning News following Thursday's shootings downtown.

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Economist says Gov. Abbott’s border inspections lost Texas $4.2 billion and 36,000 jobs

. researcher Ruth May is an expert in all things corporate in Russia and has worked to make connections in the trail of money flowing from Russian oligarchs to the GOP. This thread is her latest ? 1/12

Dallas police app back up after K-pop fans organized to flood it with videos