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Charles V Payne

Trying to make sense of this world while becoming the man my mother raised- I give a damn, love my family and country...and making people $$$$

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Our 16 year old puppy got his hair cut and blow out for the holidays ...sporting his Christmas bow tie getting in the spirit of the season

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The stock market isn't a level playing field but you should be invested and changing your own life. Here I go "In Depth" on Making Money with Charles Payne


I stopped watching a long time ago but anyone think the Sunday talk shows begin or even mention biggest news in the country? Strong Jobs Report Best Wage Growth in More Decade Black Unemployment at all-time Record Low Stock Market at All-time High Trade Deal Closer#Justasking 

Does anyone else find Hillary Clinton attacking Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian asset to be one of the most bizarre things in the Golden Era of Bizarre Things?

The most problematic part of video showing Rep Cummings calling Baltimore "drug infested" isn't the hypocrisy but in 20 years nothing has changed in poor neighborhoods there and that should draw our collective outrage and honest push for remedies.

All three major equity indices finished higher and at new all-time highs all while there are $360 billion in tariffs current on China exports to the United States. The experts keep talking about tariffs as if market, employment, wages aren't soaring. America is winning.

Why Massive Mainstream Media Distrust? Example #1 ,490 Headlines: State Department Spent $52,200 on Nikki Haley apartment curtains Media Reaction: Outrage Fact: Curtains order under Obama administration Media Reaction: Crickets (looking for next outrage)

Okay, asking a serious question. Should a witness, particularly the "star witness," actually witness a crime rather than hearing about evidence or inferring wrongdoing based on what got secondhand? Is there anyone that would want to live in a world where hearsay = conviction?

Joe Biden citing President Trump comments on Charlottesville why he's entering presidential race: "I knew the threat to this nation was unlike any I had seen in my lifetime." Other "threats" in Biden's lifetime WWII Korean War Vietnam War Iraq War Flu Pandemic 1968 Aids Pandemic