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There are many voices that declare the Australian media too hard-left. So as @theshufflediary  writes, please never let them know about UK outlet @TheCanaryUK , whose workers have overthrown the site’s management and are now running the publisher as a co-op.

Did Anthony Albanese’s grace period end in early June? @BernardKeane  notes that political journalists have been divided over when to declare the honeymoon officially over — but they’re all united in a desire for the return of political normality.

Twitter is trialling an edit function, which has our resident satirist @TomRed43  feeling dejected. After all, what kind of sanitised hellscape would we be living in if moments like "covfefe" and "I DID NOT KIDNAP 3 LITTLE BOYS" weren't immortalised online.

The terms of reference for a review into the Tasmanian police illegally bugging prisoners and their lawyers were quietly tabled in Tasmania’s Parliament last week. The lack of fanfare surprised @Cangelosi_F , until he took a closer look.

A new report into student poverty found 79% of students couldn't access the welfare system. National Union of Students President @NUS_President  and student activist @Lucvee  say that's not good enough, especially considering the stage three tax cuts.[FREE]

Despite the stench surrounding Crown, former Fairfax editor John Alexander remains a director of Seven West Media, making it one company to keep an eye on this AGM season. @MayneReport  has more.

You'd think the press gallery would be interested in a project that subsidises coal exports while losing taxpayer money. But as @BernardKeane  writes, they've yet to report on the inland rail's true purpose: serving the Coalition’s friends in fossil fuel.

If there's one thing @guyrundle  would have liked to see from CPAC, it'd be Tony Abbott — the man whose entire career has been spent in a polity that’s going steadily rightward in economic matters and steadily left-progressive in social and cultural ones.


For decades Coalition treasurers have proudly proclaimed that they’re looking out for your hip pocket in the face of the high-taxing Labor Party. In fact, the opposite is true.

Today we publish a dossier of 27 lies and falsehoods that forensically exposes the Australian prime minister @ScottMorrisonMP  as a systemic, consistent, and unremitting public liar. Read the dossier in full, here: #ScoMosDossier  #auspol 

Alan Tudge, the man who wasn't there, insists that the huge settlement given to his former staffer Rachelle Miller has nothing to do with him. He & the Liberal party take us for fools if they expect to believe this, writes @BernardKeane  [FREE TO READ]

Podesta emails reveal Jill McCabe donation, WikiLeaks' first smoking gun - Crikey

Scott Morrison was not merely Australia’s worst prime minister, he’s the worst prime minister for his own party on either side of politics. But in gutting his party of moderates, he did secure one final victory before he left [FREE TO READ] #auspol 

The PM's penchant for keeping Australians in the dark is just another example of his hubris. And public outrage is punishing him for it.