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Is this curtains for the arts in the Australian government? Not quite, writes @beneltham 

15 years of leaked data was released this week as part of #29Leaks , and Inq had privileged access. Here's how the treasure trove came together — and what it could tell us.

Could asthmatics be displaced by climate change?

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Sarah Hanson-Young's win against David Leyonhjelm was the right result (but for the wrong reasons).

Naomi Wolf’s accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ exudes mainstream left-wing foolishness, writes Guy Rundle.

The recent decline of regional media has been so rapid that one company will be left unable to use its biggest asset.

Life, as Ferris Bueller so wisely said, moves pretty fast — and here are stories you might have zipped on by this week.

Critical medical care decisions are now back in the hands of bureaucrats. Those suffering on Manus Island and Nauru will not be surprised.

Despite overwhelming opposition, including from 17 chieftains, this mining project looks to be going ahead. This leaves us asking one question: why?

Fred Nile goes fire and brimstone (and other news you may have missed last week)


Podesta emails reveal Jill McCabe donation, WikiLeaks' first smoking gun - Crikey

Courtesy of a ridiculous stuff-up by US prosecutors in an unrelated case, we now know that there really is a sealed indictment against Assange being kept hidden by US authorities. Assange and his lawyers were right.

In a country that puts people in prison for unpaid parking fines, it seems incongruous that someone who serially underpaid workers to the tune of millions can get away with an expression of contrition and no criminal record.

A friend of @ScottMorrisonMP , who is also a promoter of the far-right #QAnon  conspiracy that contends a cabal of Satan-worshiping paedophiles rule the world, has made claims about his influence over the PM. #auspol 

Australia has two high-profile international figures in jail. So why is the convicted paedophile being treated better than the whistleblower?

For the man who once demanded Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan resign because of fabricated claims about grants given to mates, Malcolm Turnbull's role in the emerging scandal of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is ironic indeed, writes

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Australia spends a lot of money teaching less developed countries about the importance of governance and transparency, but we look a lot like a banana republic when it comes to integrity.

Rob a servo and you go to jail. Underpay your workers to the tune of nearly $8 million and you get a slap on a wrist. How is that fair?