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This week has been all about the Nats holding Australia's climate policy to ransom. Here's a look inside the party at how it splits internally on climate policy.

A new report shows the federal government has handed out $25bn in non-competitive grants, while the number of confidential 'closed non-competitive grants' by the Morrison government has surged in recent years.

Pfizer doses cost nations anywhere between US$10 and US$19.50 per dose according to leaked contracts. It shows just how cheap and slow the government has been to secure doses, and highlights the enormous toll the "not a race" attitude has had.

As the National Party hold the future of Australia’s climate policy hostage, it’s worth taking a close look at who the party actually represents. We know it’s not the farmers – so who is it? @jasemurphy  crunches the numbers [Unlocked] #auspol 

The weird and lately weirder whimsy of Michael Leunig will no longer grace the Monday letters pages on Nine newspapers. Well THAT took an age ...

You can become ungovernable to force change. Violent anti-vax protesters understand this. Is it time for climate activists to take a leaf out of their book and fight the violence of climate change with violence?

Australia’s addiction to importing labour does nothing for wages — or building our current skills base.

There’s something fishy about Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer’s YouTube views


Scott Morrison is in election mode, hoping a summer of freedom will buy him another three years in The Lodge. But first, he’s got to contend with some terrible polling. Here's an early primer for the coming election #auspol 

Today we publish a dossier of 27 lies and falsehoods that forensically exposes the Australian prime minister @ScottMorrisonMP  as a systemic, consistent, and unremitting public liar. Read the dossier in full, here: #ScoMosDossier  #auspol 

The PM's penchant for keeping Australians in the dark is just another example of his hubris. And public outrage is punishing him for it.

Meet our new human rights commissioner, writes @kishorrrrism : – Former Liberal candidate – Wants to repeal 18C – Calls Indigenous voice to Parliament "segregation" – Opposes affirmative consent law reform on sexual assault – Endorsed by the IPA 🙃

‘I’ve never encountered anything like this’ A GP located in Sydney’s south west tells Crikey how vaccine misinformation is leading to threatening letters and demands for exemptions from patients.

The Coalition has spent the past decade denigrating Kevin Rudd's plan for faster internet. Today, they're enacting it... so it’s worth having a look at what the Liberals have said about fibre to the home over the years. (NO PAYWALL)

News Corp enjoys the dual status of a political party and a media organisation, with the power of one and the non-accountability of the other. And the rest of the mainstream media is complicit, writes @BernardKeane 

The Fixated Persons Investigations Unit was set up in NSW to target potentially violent lone-wolf offenders. By arresting 21-year-old Friendlyjordies producer, it's overstepped its mark, writes Michael Bradley@marquelawyers  [Unlocked] #JohnBarilaro 

Australian politicians are addicted to tyranny and fearmongering. We must learn from Sweden, writes James Baillieu. Our policies must always be measured by what is good for the whole of society.