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The government's spendathon has made it hard for Labor – they've used the core tenants of an ALP government but gone further than the opposition would ever have dreamt of going, says @BernardKeane  #budget21  #CrikeyTalks 

If you missed it, catch up on our post-budget #CrikeyTalks  with @PerrettReport , @BamberAmbers , a @BernardKeaned  – @profholdenthe  whole conversation can be viewed on our Facebook page here 👇 #budget21 

"The criticism that the government is just 'throwing money' at aged care doesn't hold up" says @BernardKeane . There's a lot to like in the government's #budget21  response to the aged care royal commission, but still doesn't address everything. #CrikeyTalks 

More thought needs to be put into pushing for competition in the aged care sector to help drive high quality aged care and adequate care in rural Australia, says @profholden  @UNSWbusiness  #agedcare  #Budget21  Watch#CrikeyTalks  live now:

Anything in the budget that's going to help with affordable housing? "Short answer, no", says @profholden  @UNSWbusiness  #Budget21 . Most incentives that the government has provided are going to make demand go up without doing anything about supply.

There's not a lot of new money for infrastructure in the #budget21 , it's a lot of recycled money and a good coverup for dropping the ball on the implementation of previous infrastructure, says @BernardKeane  #CrikeyTalks  #Budget2021 

The big four banks went hard on pandemic-related provisions only to reverse some of that pessimism this year.


Podesta emails reveal Jill McCabe donation, WikiLeaks' first smoking gun - Crikey

The Coalition has spent the past decade denigrating Kevin Rudd's plan for faster internet. Today, they're enacting it... so it’s worth having a look at what the Liberals have said about fibre to the home over the years. (NO PAYWALL)

Free from the paywall: The government is planning to give itself the power to override restrictions on accessing journalists' data as part of a deal with the United States to spy on each others' citizens.

This 👇 is not a candid picture of a public figure. This is a piece of political performance in which Jenny Morrison was an active participant. As such, if it reminds people of The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s not bullying to point that out #magdaSzubanski 

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Investigative journalist Michael West's Twitter account was removed this week for re-sharing an article about Stuart Robert and the curious story of Robert International, a private investment company. @AndrewPStreet 

Three of Scott Morrison’s closest friends and associates have teamed up to form a new advisory firm that will help foreign companies get government approval to buy up Australian assets.

News Corp is also one of Australia’s biggest tax dodgers, and in recent years has received far more from taxpayers via grants from the Coalition than it has paid in tax, a new report shows #newscorp  #murdoch  #LNP  #ABC  #auspol 

In a country that puts people in prison for unpaid parking fines, it seems incongruous that someone who serially underpaid workers to the tune of millions can get away with an expression of contrition and no criminal record.

Who benefits from the cover-up of the Witness K matter? Here are the senior figures who gain from Christian Porter's secret prosecution of Bernard Collaery. @BernardKeane