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Catherine Rampell

Syndicated opinion columnist @washingtonpost, political/economic commentator @cnn, special correspondent @newshour. Previously econ reporter/theater critic NYT

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Crude prices jump 18 percent after drone strikes halve Saudi oil output

Australia concluded China was behind hack on parliament, political parties – sources

It's great that Trump supports new spending to combat substance abuse. But that wouldn't undo the damage of rolling back the ACA's Medicaid expansion. via @CitizenCohn 

Eric Trump’s Four-Pinocchio claim that the Obamacare website cost more than Trump’s border barrier

spokesman for a Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen said a preliminary investigation found that the strikes did not originate in Yemen, contradicting the claims of responsibility by Yemeni rebels. he did not specify where the attacks originated.

Warren questions Navy's decision to terminate climate change task force

WTO will grant the United States permission to impose tariffs on the EU as part of a prolonged scuffle over subsidies given to Airbus, European officials said Monday. Move is likely to exacerbate trade tensions across the Atlantic

One of Trump’s favorite political promises is a 2nd tax cut. But lawmakers in Congress -- who would need to develop and pass another reduction -- are more focused on making their first tax cut permanent

8 Years of Trump Tax Returns Are Subpoenaed by Manhattan D.A.


Bread lines...televised Cabinet flattery sessions...centrally-planned economic industrial policy: Under Republican leadership, the US is turning into Republicans’ scariest 30-year-old Soviet fever dreams.

Padma Lakshmi: "The president is himself a second-generation American. Two of the president’s wives are immigrants, but the only difference between them and Omar — and myself — is skin color”

When Obama was president and the official economic statistics were good, Trump said they were fake. When Trump became president and inherited the exact same stats, suddenly they were real. Now that they’re turning south, they’re fake again.

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If you're not disgusted enough: read this on how Arpaio's office botched 400 sex-crime cases, many involving kids

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Opinion: We analyzed 53 years of mass shooting data. Attacks aren't just increasing, they're getting deadlier

Love this photo of dogs watching a performance of Billy Elliott. They’re training to become service dogs, and they're practicing what it's like to help their handlers navigate through a theater.

GOP stole a SCOTUS seat from Obama; took away filibuster so that they could push through a pick without 60 votes; arranged for a sham FBI investigation when their pick was credibly accused of sexual assault; mocked the victim; and now can’t fathom why people might be upset

I ran Trump's qualifications through the points-based immigration system he endorsed. He would not get a green card

Real econ risk is if things go wrong, WH doesn't have a plan & doesn't have any competent personnel to come up with one. Trump's econ brain trust consists of a guy who plays an economist on TV, a nutcase the entire (real) econ profession has disowned, & the producer of LegoBatman