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Amtrak said it is canceling all of its long-distance trains starting Thursday. (D.C.-to-Boston corridor, the nation’s busiest, would be mostly unaffected by a strike because Amtrak owns the tracks)

Democrats Buoyed by Abortion and Trump, Times/Siena Poll Finds

Ron DeSantis's Martha's Vineyard stunt was vile and dehumanizing. Unfortunately it wasn't the first time he's tried to pave his path to the White House on the backs of vulnerable immigrants. Here's what he did to immigrant kids in foster care, last year:

new @m_clem  study: Sharp reduction in US refugee admissions starting in 2017 costs overall US economy today over $9.1B/year; costs public coffers at all levels of government over $2b/year ($6,844 per missing refugee/year, on average) net of public expenses

Housing starts up 12%...but building *permits* plunged 10%, much worse than expectations. @IanShepherdson  writes: "as a general rule, when starts and permits move in opposite directions, trust the permits numbers, which lead and usually are less noisy"

Just 40% of those ages 18 to 29 view capitalism positively; that is the lowest share in any age group, and 33 percentage points lower than the share of those 65 and older.

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World Bank President David Malpass declined to say whether he accepts the scientific consensus on global warming, rekindling concerns about the bank's lack of a deadline to stop funding fossil fuels. Malpass was appointed to a 5-year term in 2019 by Trump

Spain’s Socialist-led coalition government says residents whose wealth exceeds 3 million euros ($2.9 million) will be subject to a new asset tax in 2023 and 2024

I'll be moderating an event at @CFR_org  with San Francisco Fed President@MaryDalyEcon  tomorrow at 1pm ET. Got a burning question you think I should ask? Let me know here or via email (crampel @washpost .com)


Took a lot of advanced planning for Trump to declassify the documents that FBI agents would later plant at his home

Bread lines...televised Cabinet flattery sessions...centrally-planned economic industrial policy: Under Republican leadership, the US is turning into Republicans’ scariest 30-year-old Soviet fever dreams.

Trump Shifted Campaign-Donor Money Into His Private Business After Losing The Election via

Amazing. Gov. Greg Abbott's "enhanced" truck inspections turned up zero drugs or migrants, but cost Texas consumers and businesses an estimated $4.2 billion. Delays resulted in $240 million in spoiled produce alone.

"Why isn't a rape allegation worth an impeachment inquiry?"