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Craig Melvin

Husband.Father.Son.Brother.Believer. journalist. @todayshow natl correspondent. @msnbc news anchor. Live in CT, but I'm a born and bred South Carolinian.

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The *last stop* on my virtual book tour is at the @cwclub . Register here to join: 📚 #popsthebook 

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Will talk abt how he turned my college anthem into a campaign to help “vax that thang up”. Yes, seriously.

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Rapper Juvenile joined me on @MSNBC  to talk about “Vax that thang up”. A remix to his classic song “Back that thang up” and his creative way to urge people of color to get vaccinated.

Team USA down to Nigeria. Shouldn’t be happening. Let’s go #TeamUSA 

Nigeria just beat Team USA basketball. One of the biggest upsets in international basketball history.

I flew to Chicago to meet the dad-daughter duo shaking up the culinary scene. Bobby & Brooklyn started “The Hot Dog Box” during the pandemic. Their secret menu has foodies lined up for a taste. I can tell you first hand, the 🌭 are fantastic. @TODAYshow 

“I was fighting for a greater cause. It wasn’t about me.” 78 year-old Freedom Rider Charles Person told me about his fight for equal rights and how he hopes it inspires more change. @3rdHourTODAY 

"I am proud. The family's proud.” John Lee’s excitement is palpable! His daughter, U.S women’s gymnast, Suni Lee is the first Hmong American to compete in the Olympics. He shared her story with me on @3rdHourTODAY  #DadsGotThis  #Olympics 

Simone Biles is out of the team competition here in Tokyo bc of an injury. More info right now on @TODAYshow 


You can’t quote Dr. King on social media one day out of the year and live a life that runs counter to his words and teachings the other 364.

“So far we’ve had no problem whatsoever.”- @realDonaldTrump  on his rallies. A reminder. Herman Cain died from Covid after attending a rally.

America is on fire. Literally and figuratively. More than 40 million unemployed. More than 102K dead from Covid-19. Then another black man dies in police custody. Protests. Riots. Anger. Sadness. Helplessness.

Breaking. @POTUS  will order flags at half-staff for five days in memory of 500,000 Americans lost to the covid pandemic.

There is body camera footage. We’ve obtained it. @NBCNews  is reviewing it right now.

Having covered many protests over the years, I do wonder if the majority of these folks were black and brown whether they’d be treated the same way they’re being treated right now.

Looking at these ridiculously long lines in TX and others in CA. Whatever your politics, you can’t tell me it makes sense to force people to wait hours to participate in democracy. We should want as many people voting as possible.

With ballots still being counted, Joe Biden has already amassed more votes than any candidate for President in history.

Can confirm Mayor Pete’s people have been talking to VP Biden’s people abt consolidating support. Candidates have exchanged voicemails bc they’re both traveling.

Husband. Brother. Father of two young children. Preacher of the gospel and son of God. Diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at 39. Dead at 43. Missed but never forgotten. Get checked. Talked abt your family history. via @TODAYshow