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After stealing nearly $200 million in crypto on Saturday night, the hacker is now trying to cover their tracks. @Blockanalia  reports

For the past week, we speculated on the future of money for #Crypto2022 . We are having these conversations because a little thing called cryptocurrency came along in 2009 and changed what money is.

Skeptics of the idea of programmable money see similar risks in entrusting financial activities to code. Yet, to @YPFSatYale’s@StevenKelly49 , software bugs aren’t the half of it. #Crypto2022 

With #MiamiCoin  and #NYCCoin , citizens can make crypto-based revenue for themselves and their respective cities. But how does it all work?

NFTs are a new paradigm for ownership on the internet. But what would it mean to live in a world where every single image, song, health record, Twitter “like” and blog post has a discrete token attached? @thewillypete  writes #Crypto2022or  :

The #bitcoin  sell-off took place in what seemed like a complacent but delicate market. @LVLewitinn  explains:

One of crypto’s most fervent cults – the “OHMies” – would have you believe that @OlympusDAO’s $OHM is the future of money. Skeptics say it’s a Ponzi scheme. Why not both? @Blockanalia  reports for "Future of Money Week"

UPDATED LINK: The #bitcoin  sell-off took place in what seemed like a complacent but delicate market. explains:

"I see bitcoin as the world reserve asset, whereas I see the dollar as the world reserve currency," @MicroStrategy  CEO @michael_saylor  says on CoinDesk TV. "You would rather spend the currency because it's losing value, and save the asset as it's gaining value."


🔔 ProShares rings the bell, launching the first U.S. #bitcoin  futures ETF $BITO on the @NYSE .

#Bitcoin is now officially recognized as legal tender throughout the country of El Salvador, marking a world first. @Sebsinclair1989  reports.

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@GoldmanSachs  has filed for a DeFi and blockchain exchange-traded fund, according to a public filing. @NathanAlec  reports

@CoinbasePro  has listed Dogecoin, with trading expected to begin on Thursday. @nikhileshde  reports

JUST IN: Starting today, @Twitter  users on iOS will be able to connect to third-party #bitcoin  tipping services. @jack 's social media site is also rolling out NFT verification. @zackseward  reports

In a move that highlights gray areas in sanctions law facing the crypto industry, @Cons_Academy  removed about 50 Iranian students from its Ethereum coding course. @baidakovareports 

@binance_2017  CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao is aiming for an "improved perception" by regulators of its global entity, he told the @legreecheees '>Financial Ti @legreecheees . reports.