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'We are all weaker because we have allowed so much injustice to last so long.'

"Murder is wrong. Legalized murder is wrong, too."

"We are witnessing the collapse of the legitimacy of leadership..."

Buffalo Mayor to Rioter: 'We Have You on Camera, You Idiot, We'll Find You and P

Md. Gov. Larry Hogan: 'This Was a Murderer in a Police Uniform'

Md. Gov.: We Dealt ‘Decisively and Quickly’ to Riots in Baltimore in 2015

Buffalo police captain said rioter who set fire to city hall "was foolish enough to do this in front of a news crew" and the police force will put a "laser focus on that person to bring them to justice."


A rat ran through a live camera shot as a reporter discussed outrage over Pres. Trump’s claim...

Sir Michael Caine on Brexit: 'I'd Rather Be a Poor Master of My Fate' Than a Slave to EU Bureaucrats

@SecPompeo : No reasonable person can assert today that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from China, given facts on the ground.

@dbongino : Bongino: ‘200-Plus Years of Liberty & Freedom Flushed Down Toilet Almost Overnight’ by Coronavirus Crackdown

@DBongino : @AOC  using identity politics to "BURN DOWN AMERICA"...

@dbongino  warned of the suicidal strategy of continuing to borrow money to fund a government-mandated shutdown. “This isn’t real money…this is fake monopoly money,” because the U.S. already owes $70T more than it produces annually. @seanhannity  @FoxNews 

Rep. Jim Jordan Says Trump Has Had an 'Amazing Year and a Half'