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Social media use has been linked to depression, especially in teenage girls. But a new study argues it could be more complex than experts think, with girls' mental health being impacted due to increased exposure to bullying and reduced sleep and exercise.

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Trading endangered species' products remains a low-risk, high-reward crime

‘Mental midget’ Stephen Miller absolutely demolished in MSNBC blast at Trump’s ‘misfit’ advisers

POPULAR Kikuyu musician John Nganga De Mathew dies in a road accident in Thika, his family and friends have confirmed.

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There was a 99.99% probability that the slump in Argentina wouldn't happen. But it did

That said - this core number on freight flow (which was 75-87 last year and is now 40-60) - upon which all other scenarios are built, always been described in internal government documents as the “reasonable worst case scenario” - which is what I think CDL Gove refers to in tweet

This electric wheelchair was made for any terrain

Top White House economic adviser says the Trump admin. is still "looking at" buying Greenland.

WATCH: Tennessee lawmaker shuts down Republican arguing for anti-abortion law: "I’m a nurse, what are you?"

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