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Dr. Jim Mcfie: Oil prices have gone up globally… We feel the effect of the oil prices now because the additional tax was put when the price of oil was low globally…But let us look at the price of oil in neighbouring countries. It is cheaper there #NewsNight  @WaihigaMwaura 

“My understanding is that that handshake was initiated by state actors, the people sometimes called deep state…” - David Ndii#TheHandshakeEra 

#TheHandshakeEra [Part 1] How it happened; who organized the meeting? @WaihigaMwaura 

#TheHandshakeEra [Part 2] How it has shaped Kenya today w/ @WaihigaMwaura 

COVID-19 third wave: Hospitals overwhelmed as cases of critical COVID-19 patients surge. Doctors say most of beds in intensive care unit taken by COVID-19 patients. MoH reports 17 new deaths and 747 new confirmed cases #SundayLive 

Gov’t-owned Tanzanian paper apologises for ‘mourning’ new president

Kenya and the UK agree to form Joint Committee to address COVID-19 travel restriction


BREAKING: HISTORY as #Eliud Kipchoge, world’s greatest marathoner, becomes the first human to run a marathon in under 2 hours. Kipchoge finished in 1:59:40. #INEOS159  #IneosChallenge 

Brilliant, just brilliant. These amazing kids brought out the classic @RamogiFM  promo perfectly. Joluo kit gi gi timbe gi...

Uganda's presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine ends interview with Kenyan radio station, Hot 96, prematurely after the military raids his Kampala home

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“As Parliament we have failed Kenyans because we have sold to them the romantic story that all is well. We failed in our oversight role because we could have said NO but we said YES, selling lies that all is well. We are doing badly as an economy…” ~ Moses Kuria#DayBreak 

Kaikai’s Kicker: Kenya’s current crop of ‘young’ elected leaders in parliament are a generational disaster #NewsGang  @LinusKaikai 

Joho donates masks for police to give people instead of arresting them

You cannot make this stuff up! Master Joseph Ndegwa Ngari makes his debut on #JKLive …and he is SMOOOKING! w/ @KoinangeJeff