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@SusanofTexas  @TedGrunewaldt  @TheBpDShowhat  s @OliverJetsonadid , there are some people, a non trivial amount who lose employer-sponsored coverage for whom Medicaid might be a better option than the others on the table.

This is a seriously great piece of reporting that explains a phenomenon that everyone else seems to have missed.

Anyone have an issue w Squadcast where it says you don't have a good connection ("reconnecting") even though your connection is fine? Asking for a friend.

The actual burueacratic administration of this small business program is going to be *enormously* important. It's conceptually sound, but a huge lift and I worry it's going to be a colossal disaster. Really hope all the various parties can figure it out quickly.

on the Small Business front you mean? I'm curious to hear more.

Cuomo right now on @maddow  calling for exactly the kind of rolling national strategy that @ashishkjha  and I were discussing earlier. We can deploy the the surge capacity in sequence across the country.

I mean, maybe we can't but we should at least be *trying*.

And Cuomo's point is correct: NY needs 30,000 ventilators, but just for a few weeks! And then someone else will need them. And then someone else.


We are quite literally doing a worse job of containing the virus than any other country on earth.

So here's what appears to be chain of events: The Trump administration repatriated infected Americans over the objections of the CDC. HHS then sent federal workers to interact with the infected population without adequate training or protection

I mean the president all but told sick people in Michigan to drop dead because their lady governor is too mouthy.

Not the *best* week for people with anxiety.

First time illegal entry into the United States is a misdemeanor. Lying on or omitting materially relevant information from your SF86 (as Jared Kushner did multiple times by his own admission) is a felony. Guess which one's getting prosecuted?

Job loss is a qualifying life event under the ACA, so people can enroll even if the Feds haven't created a special open enrollment period.

HE WILL NOT CHANGE AND IS FUNDAMENTALLY INCAPABLE OF DOING THE JOB. That's the story. I know it's fun to watch the bouncing ball, but it doesn't change. That's it.

The US is almost certainly going to have the worst outbreak in the world pretty soon.

I am reading these first-hand accounts of mothers who had their children taken from them, with no word of where they were going or how to contact them, and I'm thinking about someone doing that to me and my kids and I feel a rage so powerful I think I'm gonna pass out.