Cesc Fàbregas Soler

Cesc Fàbregas Soler

Proud dad of 3 beautiful children. 31 years old. Central Midfielder for @AS_Monaco. ? Instagram: cescf4bregas

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Just finished watching “The game changer”. What are your takes on it? I feel it’s really good and have some amazing stories in it. I believe in it but at the same time I feel we should have more information of what to eat and how to do it properly to keep performing at the top...

Not by just saying “I became vegan and I feel the best”. Surely you need to replace what the animals offer you in order to keep performing high level. I missed a bit of education in this aspect. Good documentary that gives a lot to think about though. 👍🏻

@CDHAFC  As I said. Some amazing stories. But they don’t teach you how to do it and what to really eat! Should I eat salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner?? For sure I’ll be weaker this way...

@melaniietweets  @CarlyRowenaA  @LydiaEmillengreed . If I ever try it, I would like it to be 100% knowing I’m eating everything I need to perform and be energetic always. Let’s see... 😅

Winner are winners, losers are losers Simple 💪🏻

My number 1 fan? I think so! 🤣😍😘❤️ @firstLadyD4 

Only Baka could do something like that. I couldn’t stop laughing. Love you bro 🤣👏🏻🙏🏻🤗


Alexander-Arnold, 20 years old. People will tell me it’s bad defending, I’m telling you it’s pure intelligence and vision.

Once a gunner, always a gunner. Have a good day guys.

Is this guy serious? Lost the plot big time there. If you don’t think Bergkamp was that good, then you don’t understand this sport at all.

Mané for me is top 3 players in the world and has been for a while. Top top level.

I said it once, I say it twice. Football is fucking unbelievable.

I firmly believe that Chelsea is the best choice. They match my footballing ambitions with their hunger and desire to win trophies...

Gotta love Guendouzi. Can play good or not so good but always shows up in difficult moments at such a young age. Big future ahead of him at @Arsenal 


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Hats off to Liverpool, what an amazing performance. You can only lose a game like that if against you there is a good team but specially a player that is well above the rest.