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We’re also calling on the Biden administration, including @ENERGY  , to provide the receipts for how it has funneled an excessive amount of taxpayer dollars to advance a radical, progressive agenda.

I invite anyone with an opinion like this to meet a person with a disability like my son. Spend time with them. Get to know them. May hearts be changed so we can celebrate the dignity and value of every human life.

Since 1942, @TeamFairchild  has served our communities & become a center of excellence. Today, in honor of its 81st birthday, I would like to celebrate all the airmen & women who have served there – past & present. Here’s to many more years where you Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win!

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Happy birthday, U.S. Navy Reserve! Thanks for your unwavering commitment to our great nation and for always being "Ready Now, Anytime, Anywhere" since 1915.

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Across the board, @POTUS  needs to come clean for how his administration is sacrificing our energy security, reliability, and affordability to achieve his radical rush-to-green agenda. What’s been revealed in this memo is just the latest example.

We’ve been sounding the alarm on @HouseCommerce  . @RepJeffDuncan  and I are demanding that @FERC  stop prioritizing the Left’s political agenda over its core mission for reliable, abundant, and affordable energy.

And next week, we’ll take further action on our solutions to reverse Biden’s war on American energy.

Everyone knows the CCP has one of the worst human rights & environmental track records in the world. @POTUS 's agenda is making us dependent on its dirty supply chains that use slave labor. @HouseCommerce  will be calling on @SecGranholm  to testify ASAP & answer for these comments.

China has one of the worst environmental and human rights track records in the world. It's no secret they want to dominate America. @SecGranholm 's comments amplify Chinese Communist Party propaganda & we’re demanding she immediately retract her statements and testify ASAP.


China won't waste any chance to smear America, freedom, & all that we stand for. Here's a look at their propaganda machine to blame us for the #coronavirus . They're using a global crisis to get ahead & make America look weak. Don't be fooled.

After reading the opinion piece in the about aborting babies with Down syndrome, I struggled to put into words how offensive it is. Thread...

The @CDCgov  was influenced by the teachers unions to keep schools closed and used unreliable studies to justify mask mandates on kids. We know these weren’t decisions based on the best science and data from across the world. Now, our children are paying the price.

There is a humanitarian crisis, a national security crisis, and a public health crisis at our southern border. The Biden administration is responsible.

Stories from home→ “I’m getting $47.98 more than I had in the past. Which is about $1200 a year. For me, they’re not crumbs. It’s more money for me put food on the table. I’m so happy I wanted to tell everybody, the whole world, that these tax cuts work.” #TaxCutDay 

My statement on the House’s passage of historic #taxreform  →

If there was really ever any doubt, read these memos. FACT: The Chinese Communist Party worked overtime to censor information and mislead the world about the coronavirus.

Democrats just blocked the American Energy Independence from Russia Act the SIXTH time. That’s SIX times they’ve denied increasing our domestic production to lower costs and boost energy exports to help our allies counter Russian aggression.