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Bernie is mad that Bloomberg is using his own money to buy votes, instead of other people’s money.

I will also say, that beside the alleged weirdness and misstep of a burner account, I still consider Lis Smith excellent at her job and generally badass.

Congrats, you have “invented” factory automation for foodservice...

Was that the follow up to his rape fantasy essay?

I’m sick. Please send pics/gifs of cute, fluffy things.

He’s very handsome. I’m very married, but great pic!!

Do I need a will? An important question, regardless of your age. My latest @FoxBusiness 


People are dragging Michael Kors saying the brand isn’t “premium” enough. If you are really secure, you buy something because you like it, not to impress other people. That’s living a “rich” life.

People are apparently arguing about how to pronounce "Beto". It is pronounced: "Rob-ert"

Last week: Anyone should be able to play Ariel! This week: ScarJo wants to play someone else? Cancelled!!! You guys are funny.

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It would mean that while I made many sacrifices to pay off $40k of my own debt, I’m now on the hook to pay off the debt of people unwilling to do the same.

Parents: Wow, there are so many kids suffering from anxiety, depression, etc. these days. Me: Just brainstorming here, but maybe telling them everything is going to kill them and that they constantly need to live in fear isn't so helpful?

I would like to see the enactment of a socialism exchange program, whereby US citizens who want to live under socialism can go to live in a given socialist country in exchange for their citizens who want to live under a capitalist system who can, in exchange, come here. Who's in?

This chonky groundhog is the best troll ever— he looks right at the camera 😂

Why is the debt of one person different than the debt of another? Why should someone who made sacrifices to pay off their own student loans or decided to forgo college be responsible for someone who didn't? This #CancelStudentDebt  is attempt to buy votes and it isn't ok.

Dear adults, If you come across a kid or teen who is saying or doing something offensive, etc., your job is to help teach them why it’s wrong and how to do better and help them grow, not to try to ruin their lives.