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People have shown that to me and also have reported that my account was "unfollowed".

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for what every socialist hates— Friday hair wishes, brought to you by capitalism. Have a great weekend and remember if something is the right and good, it doesn’t require force to do it. Xoxoxo #LaissezHair  #BigHairSmallGovt 

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Everything is terrible, so here are some quokka pictures. ❤️🙏🏻

I never, ever want to hear again. "Why do you need a gun?" or "Why do you need such a powerful gun/so many guns when you have the police?".

Wishing a safe, happy #PrideMonth  to all of my LGBTQ friends. #PRIDE2020  #loveislove 

God bless the Floyd family. May they see justice, find peace and inspire change. #GeorgeFloyd 

Here’s a little pig putting his toys away to brighten your timeline:

Introducing a new, highly effective workout: push-pups—

The cognitive dissonance of those saying they are supporting the critical principle of supporting individual rights through the intentional acts of violating individual rights is beyond frustrating and heartbreaking.

The board of directors has called an emergency meeting— some things are going to have to change around here, quickly:


A reminder that Harvard, basically a hedge fund masquerading as a university with north of $40 BILLION in assets in their endowment, received $9 million under the "CARES Act" while small businesses are being told that funds to help them have run out.

Not to get political, but here is a kangaroo giving instructions on how to scratch his tummy...

Urgent: a quokka eating a leaf...

People are dragging Michael Kors saying the brand isn’t “premium” enough. If you are really secure, you buy something because you like it, not to impress other people. That’s living a “rich” life.

Let me get this straight- People are ripping on companies like My Pillow for- checks notes- stepping up to help w critical supplies during a crisis. You really are a bunch of ungrateful d*cks.

Why is it that the same kids who believe they needed safe spaces from “triggering” words and “micro aggressions” won’t get into a safe space from a virus they actually need protection from?

People are apparently arguing about how to pronounce "Beto". It is pronounced: "Rob-ert"