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Well, that might be a wrap on Twitter for the day for me...

If you were a wrestler, what would your "stage name" be?

There are too few people who truly believe in limited govt. On both "major" sides, you are just fine with big govt if it suits what you believe in. We need more real stewards of individual rights, freedom and small govt, because most people are frankly giant hypocrites.

I’m still residing at the intersection of “I hate everyone” and “I wish everyone peace, happiness and success” streets. However, I am considering a move down the block…

The government is not your god. Politics is a bad religion.

The next time you go fill up at the pump, remember that this is who the "adults" decided to take their energy policy from...

It’s a great feeling. Enjoy.

Watching people experience a pure moment of joy is contagious… #StanleyCup 

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We live in incredibly stupid times... "inflation stimulus checks"... "Biden's gas tax holiday might save you $6 a month, fueling calls for inflation stimulus checks instead"


“I’m going to leave Twitter if Elon Musk takes over” is the new “I’m going to move to Canada if Trump wins”.

“Unrealized capital gains” is not a thing; do not normalize it. Call it out for what they are proposing: unlawful seizure of personal property.

The govt is trying to sneak in provisions to the budget that would allow the IRS to track all the activity in any financial account over $600, and you think they really are going after "the rich"? They are going after you.

Just to be clear, this is “essential”, but small businesses and their employees throughout NYC are not...

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A reminder that Harvard, basically a hedge fund masquerading as a university with north of $40 BILLION in assets in their endowment, received $9 million under the "CARES Act" while small businesses are being told that funds to help them have run out.

Yellen referred to unrealized capital gains as “income”. She led the charge for a global tax cartel. At the Fed, she oversaw a huge transfer of wealth from Main St to Wall St. She didn’t see inflation coming or even have it on her Bingo card. And she’s Treasury Secretary.

It's clear that Twitter's board isn't interested in their fiduciary duty; it's all about power and control.

This administration is not making a bunch of mistakes. It’s all intentional and by design.

Weak leadership has real consequences.

I heard a major media outlet today refer to @elonmusk  as "right wing" today, joining the ranks of others in the "everything and everyone I don't agree with on something is right wing" category. 🤣